Psychedelic Pasadena


We normally think of the creative, artsy people as a small population, living on the edges of life.  We the masses live in the BnW world, part of the synchronized workforce, even sometimes driving leased BnW’s

However here in Pasadena we have a strong creative force.  Our creative teams often play their parts on the main stages and center courts of the city.  And the masses play minor, extra roles on the edges of the life stage. Sure, these ‘psychedelic” people aren’t as large as the masses. It may seem they could all fit in a bus.

Where can you find these eccentric but artistically minded individuals? Art Center College of Design has been a major production source, Pasadena Weekly has a weekly calendar of artsy events, the famous Vromans bookstore, you can walk Old Town Pasadena and see someone playing streetmusic, my blogroll on the right has a few dozen artists, city sponsored/promoted civic art can be found throughout, etc. Really, the list is long but it won’t be long before you discover many creative sources of talent in Pasadena.

But there’s always one sure place you can find them – I know, cuz I see them and hear them: at any of the Cafes I visit.



Pasadena 2011



Gotta Tune Out & Sleep In. Stay Thirsty My Friends


12 responses to “Psychedelic Pasadena

    • Most of my finds, of anything, happen when I’m looking for something else.. Unplanned – but I’m glad too, MF.

      I think they were heading for someplace in Pasadena, SC.

  1. that is trippy, I love it! and I love your blog too. you’re very creative with a Unique voice. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, I truly appreciate it. happy day to you!

    • Thks for your generous compliments, Ms B. Sounds like u may have gone into my past, postings! Btw, luv your Mon series of fotos! I hope to do something like that soon.

      thks for your creative input, PA.

  2. I love a city that promotes art. One of my favorite groups I used to listen to in high school was called Love Psychedelico…may have to dig up the album and listen after reading this post 😀

  3. Pasadena does have a warm, creative vibe from what I’ve gleaned over the time of following your very creative blog community. I like that they’ve named this very groovy bus after you.