A Cloud Sandwich

TGISF aka, Thank God it’s Skywatch day again!,


Over in our parts, the sky is BIG in Pasadena

P105008 SkyWatch082611

Blue & White over the San Gabriel mountains just to our north



Gotta Look Up! Stay Thirsty My Friends


11 responses to “A Cloud Sandwich

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the sites in SoCal–so this is a nice reminder that it isn’t all smog. I flew into Burbank a few years ago and couldn’t believe how clear the air was; seems as though when I lived down there (in the ’60s) the sun was always filtered through a layer of smoky grey. This is lovely.

  2. I can remember seeing the vivid blue skies of your shots on my travels thru California. The contrast of colors in your shot is beautiful.