The View from Hollywood & Sunset Blvds


I was gonna say you can file this under my “throwaway” fotos, but that’s wrong. Just call it non-Pasadena writings.

Last night marked the end of the 4th annual Sunset Strip Music Festival.  Which of course got me to thinking about  Sunset Blvd. Specifically the intersection of Sunset & Hollywood boulevards.

The last thing I can say is this is my little secret.  However, maybe just the history of it is.  Major motion picture industry history has gushed out from this specific part of Los Angeles (Hollywood/Los Feliz). Even this canine has some significant personal history connected to this intersection.

Just one piece of film history comes from this vintage theatre – Vista.  Run by Vintage Cinemas, of course. A Single screen joint which had it’s first screening (“Tips”) back in 1923!  Back then it was known as the Lou Bard Playhouse.



And just one slice of personal history I have here is that I attended a history lesson on Hollywood & Film right in this theater.  About 10 years past. They don’t make classrooms like this anymore.  The “class” was taught by Marc Wanamaker, a great historian of Hollywood and consultant for the motion picture industry.  He’s been connected with the American Film Institute and in organizing various film festivals.


Vista per Vintagecinema1a


I’ve actually attended a couple of local film festivals, Believe It or Not! Despite what you’re reading here I don’t consider myself a film or entertainment buff at all!  Although I am acquainted with people who definitely are!  And I rarely go out to get inside a theater.  Even if the movie is a blockbuster. I’m just mentioning this intersection in passing & to unload some stress by unloading a few more pics from the darkroom.  There is much more Hollywood to tell from this area.

And if you have any stories connected to this intersection please share here! Or, make your own story by supporting this old theater, as well as our own Pasadena Playhouse, with your patronage one day soon: Go, or they’ll go.


Vista Theater 4473 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90027 (323)660-6639


P1000337a The View from The Vista



Gotta Get Inside! Stay Thirsty My Friends


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      • Yes, your post ;D
        You sort of forget about movie theaters. But there’s one theater here that plays old movies and indie films that I used to always go to. Made my way back there after your post to catch a really great documentary about the hawaiian song competition at the kamehameha schools in hawaii. The popcorn was good, too.

  1. Nice photos of a charming old cinema, puppy dog. I don’t go to the movies often, but there’s a sweet old suburban cinema on my side of town that I support when I do.