The San Gabriel Valley has a brunch of old stuff laying, or crawling, around. Part of the rich history of this valley. The Mission San Gabriel is a major landmark of course.  And we also have oldie but goodie vehicles still racing in the street.  Pasadena has more than its share of these cars, still refusing to drive to any junkyards. 

Nevertheless, you have to keep your eyes on watch for these oldies cuz in these parts you never know when you’ll be sharing the road with them.




Old man cruising in old car. San Gabriel


Have you seen any of these lately? Don’t tell me you have an oldie!



Gotta Take a Drive. Stay Thirsty My Friends



6 responses to “Old STUFF

  1. That’s a great photo, with the red and white backdrop. I love how people who drive these classic cars take such pride in them. The cars always shine.

    • The Police car show you’re talking about? You must’ve been there Miss Janey since both the cars & the women were very hot. (imho)

      One day, Erika you need to post a couple of those old pics!