Mystery History – Pasadena


MysteryHistory 081611



Where are we? And what’s happening? 

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I’ll have the full scoop on Thursday.

This has to be the easiest Mystery History I’ve offered up so far, imho.  I’m also hoping this might be the last one if I can get the PIO to return to hosting her Mystery History blogging next week.  Anyhows, be as specific as possible with your guess. Good luck!


Gotta do Research.  Stay Thirsty My Friends




8 responses to “Mystery History – Pasadena

  1. 707 S. Oakland, Pasadena
    James Rolph, Jr., the governor of California, visits with Albert and Elsa Einstein at their home. They may have eaten spaghetti and they probably discussed religion.

    I hadn’t seen this picture before, and my first thought was Millikan. I did do a little internet sleuthing though, so I might be disqualified. Or just wrong.

  2. Albert Einstein visited CalTech several times in the early 1930s. He also visited Mount Wilson Observatory. But I don’t know who the other people are. Tell it, Justin!

  3. I’ve seen this picture before and I know what it is. Doesn’t it take the fun out of the “mystery” if I’m just stating an answer I already know instead of taking an educated guess?

  4. I’m guessing we are in Pasadena (but I have no clue where) and that we are visiting with Albert Einstein. But I am at a loss as to who the other people are in the photo.

    • Yes, that much is obvious but give me a little historical significance attached to this. A bit more research, BW. I want someone to win before I hand this back to the PIO!