The Historic Pasadena Civic

Although a small city, Pasadena has a convention center. With the Civic Auditorium being the oldest & center piece.

Built in 1931, the historic 3,029-seat Pasadena Civic Auditorium is one of the most revered performance halls in the nation. The Civic has played host to Broadway musicals, world class ballet, symphony orchestras and celebrity speakers as well as the Prime Time Emmy Awards, and the People’s Choice Awards,” if the Civic could speak.

I believe American Idol also had a show there a year or two ago. Religious events have also blessed the old building. And besides the “celebrity speakers”, the Civic has also played host to a “distinguished speakers” series. The city has also used it for Rose Queen & Court events and State of the City reports, just to name a couple of examples.

The point is, the convention center is constantly being used for something!  You never know what could be happening just down the block or round your corner.  If only those old walls could speak.

Anyways, if you happen to have a convention coming up, or just need to rent an auditorium, give the Pasadena Convention Center a holler.

By the way, the United Negro College Fund was taping their annual “An Evening with the Stars” here tonite.  Each year they honor someone & this year they pay tribute to singer/songwriter Lionel Ritchie.   Their main reason for being is to help support students get into college and then graduate!  UNCF brought a red carpet, stars, and the whole enchilada this evening to Pasadena.




I just happened to catch a glimpse of their big evening of stars





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