All Saints, All New Church!?


There’s a new church in town. Same as the old church. Only the names have changed, to protect the…



All Saints Episcopal of Pasadena is now Hillside Park United Memorial! Ok, maybe they  switched denominations too.




I know it’s hard to believe. What’s this all about?? But All the Saints at that old church have always been behind reform & change. Besides, like any good, rational atheist would say – “seeing is believing”, right!



I happened to meet the new Pastor too! He says his church is really united on spreading the Good News! He thinks America & its Americans have gone down the wide eZ but wrong road for a generation now. But in the end that path leads to a dead end, and destruction. We’ve been reaping the Bad News as a result: bad economy, incivility, drug dependency, politicians who talk in spin instead of truth, celebrity idol, et al, etc. Without truth we become enslaved.

Ok, I said, we have some challenges but Europe is in worst shape! By now, he had to clear his throat. “True”, the young pastor said, but he’s “an American and serving the USA is my responsibility!”  Turns out this young minister is fresh out of seminary without any dependents. Except for his country. I believe it.

Yet, my first impression upon setting eyes on this young pastor was that of doubting Thomas. “You think humans are gonna follow you?!” He said desperate times call for desperate change. Change to new ways & the old principles that work.

And this new babe of a pastor will lead them. That’s what he told me.

The young guy is energized & ready to take on the world!  Or at least Pasadena. He’s out in front of his new church ready to recruit and greet new members!  People who want to humble themselves, be different than the masses. Where the men are men, the women are women, and the biker & hiker will lay together in loving peace.  Or, if you’ve just had enough & don’t wanna take it anymore – that’s good enough for him also! He’s the only saint left at the church now but he’s looking for new fresh flesh & blood who won’t be discouraged easily.




Yes, the Pastor insists these times they are in need of a changin’. And he’s a radical change! Right now he’s the only one & we can call him a dreamer. “But I won’t be the only one. And don’t criticize what you don’t understand!”, he trumpeted. By the looks of him I couldn’t disagree.

Look, the pastor said, “we haven’t even seen & felt the latest round of big government budget cuts!”  And the resulting unemployment & crisis from that.  He claims the generations after the greatest generation, “were spoiled, became obese, lived on credit which became their debt to society, which now is gonna be the inheritance they leave to their children in higher taxes, lower benefits, and a lower standard of living. Lived beyond our means.  All helped by our enablers – our political idols – who most of us were seduced to put into office!”

Fascinating.  Maybe I was wrong about only the names have changed. Pray the bad stuff he prophesizes doesn’t come to pass and that he’s able to succeed in spreading his good news plans.

You think we need change for the better?  Are you willing to unite with this radical looking “animal” of a leader in change?  Change you can truly believe in, spoken by a non-politician? He could start a third party if he wanted. No, more like a 4th party!

Woe is you & me, still free to try to be something different. Soon. Only then will we have a chance to see the fruits of that change as soon as the next decade.

Maybe. But as I watched this courageous, forward-looking preacher with his charismatic animal magnetism stand out in front of his new church, the only thoughts which remained were: was anybody out there?, is anyone listening?


‎"Go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is." ~ Anais Nin



Gotta Pray for Big Dreamers & Big Doers. Stay Thirsty My Friends



11 responses to “All Saints, All New Church!?

    • Kaori, in this nation we can even change our names! For example: World B. Free, Altadena Hiker, etc! Some of even applied to change to GOD! Is that allowed in Japan??

  1. As a 20-year member of All Saints Episcopal Church, I have no idea what you’re talking about. All Saints will always be All Saints. Ed Bacon is the the rector and there are several other priests. You can learn more at Petrea’s right — the sign was changed for a film.

    • Thk you for the information, PIO! Like many commenters here, PB sounded authoritative but I wasn’t sure I could trust her when it came to church related matters. But if anyone really knows what’s going down here in the city it’s you. And you’re a church lady too! Get well & back here soon!! 😉

    • I’m not a betting dog, PB. That’s another sign of a sick society or economy – people taking more gambles. But who can you trust anymore about anything nowadays, right??!

      LAW: I agree. We’ll see what comes of these changes, if anything.