Last year Tender Greens announced they were coming to Pasadena to open their next restaurant. 




Until recently they were a west of downtown Los Angeles based restaurant. But now they are in San Diego, Walnut Creek, and HERE! My first taste of Tender Greens was when one of my Pasadena restaurateur friends took me to their Culver City location two years ago.  Then last year they hosted one of the Eat My Blog charity events, which a couple of my Pasadena friends founded, at their West Hollywood restaurant last year.  Next, I visited their new Sunset & Vine Hollywood location last year.


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Last month Tender Greens opened their newest restaurant in Pasadena!


Some of you may have noticed. I understand if most of you have yet to go inside, sit down, and eat. It’s only been a month. Try not to let it be two or three.  Tender Greens Pasadena seems to be doing well for their first month.

There are daily specials in addition to the regular, default menu. I would describe their menu mostly as good comfort food at a good comfortable price which equals a good & comfortable value! 






Al Fresco seating between the new Trio development & the old 595 E. Colorado historical landmark building. Tender Greens is located at the old Famina space, next to Roy’s Hawaiian, in the Playhouse District.



From the ownership, to management, to the employees behind the counter and in the dining room, they have all been very friendly & welcoming to this eater.  I’m not gonna go into much detail at this time except to say they are OPEN, I’m happy they are now in Pasadena, and I think most of you will as well



621 East Colorado Avenue
Pasadena CA, 91101  Tel: 626 405-1511




Gotta Eat!! Stay Thirsty My Friends



13 responses to “TENDER GREENS – Open!!

  1. Drove by yesterday around lunch time. The line was out the door! Been there 8 times since they opened. It gets better and better every time! so glad they are here!

    • Erika, this hot soup is tasty enuf that you could eat it no matter the weather outside.

      ShSh, most places have only good service or good food. Some have neither!

  2. I love places where the staff are friendly! I’ll forgive some food oversights if the service is great {not that it sounds like there’s any oversight to forgive here}. Enjoy, puppy dog.

    • Don’t recall what I said, RD, but glad you finally got out to eat! 😛 Have you been to TG’s?

      IN: Welcome Home! It’s wise I give you time to recover from your trip & get some R & R. You should then be ready to eat by next week! 🙂