Sunday Afternoon in Pasadena – Last Stop


We close this book on our recent Sunday afternoon watching of the Women’s FIFA World Cup Championship of three weeks past.

For those who missed the first chapters, here’s the 1st chapter of how that particular Sunday started: Sunday Afternoon in Pasadena .  And chapter 2:  Sunday Afternoon in Pasadena Chp 2.

We watched the FIFA game at three locations here in Old Town Pasadena. It wasn’t my plan.  Nor even to be in OTP.  In OTP you can see all sorts of people from near to far, rich & poor, and they can recognize you.  Thus the three viewing locations!

In chapter 1 we started our soccer adventures at the Hot Wings Cafe. Chapter 2 we did some viewing time over at the ix tapa Cantina on the northwest corner of Colorado & the Arroyo Pkway.  This final chapter leads us to Barney’s Beanery. It helps that all three were on the same block between Arroyo Parkway & Raymond.

If any of the readers have been to these places lemme know what you think of any of them.

Barney’s has been around for years.  Besides the Pasadena location, they span from the original location in West Hollywood to the newest in Burbank.  A great sports bar with a restaurant attached.  Actually their menu does give you a brunch of choices!  Still, you go here primarily to meet people, watch sports, and have a drink or three. Therefore, it can get very busy and feel like your at someone’s big party.

Anyways, lemme end this Sunday series of watching the Women’s World Cup in Pasadena with a few pics from our time with Barney.


Like Ix Tapa before, they also have In N Out seating. This is inside seating. Ahem, I mean SRO seating.




Personally, I was still enjoying the view despite the obstacles






The game was now into overtime! And so was I.





Gotta Get Ready for TGIM!  Stay Thirsty My Friends