Colorado Blvd on Skywatch Friday


I regularly check out “sky view” or “sky watch” type of photos. Including those posted for Skywatch Friday.  A couple of local bloggers regularly post sky views.

I admire this class of photography.  Believe It or Not!, even your blogger here has taken a few hundred “sky” photos. But very rarely have I blogged about them.  One reason is busyness. Second is my photo quality is relatively poor compared to most of the wonderful Skywatch Friday photography I “watch!” Most of their photos simply leave me in shock & awe at their spectacularity! And number three is my own laziness.

Starting today I will try to use the discipline of Friday sky watching to post more of these kind regularly, and also to unload some photos I have yet to allow to see the light of day…as my laziness permits! They will be primarily from southern California, and mostly over the city of Pasadena.

So here is the first. A modest start through a windshield in need of some cleaning! What do you think about this “dirty” picture?


Skywatch Friday 8/5/11


Colorado Blvd – the “Main Street” of Pasadena. Aka the main route for the Tournament of Roses Parade. Driving Westward



Gotta Check Out The Sky! Stay Thirsty My Friends



18 responses to “Colorado Blvd on Skywatch Friday

  1. I Love Pasadena…it’s such a pretty and interesting city. That’s an usual sky for summertime. Must have been some of that tropical air moving up from the south or is it fog?! Enjoy skywatch. Thanks for stopping by at mine.

    • If you’ve visited Pasadena, did you take any photos? Thks for visiting my Cafe, Linnea!

      SC, thks but I have better – thankfully! And it sounds like you and the AltaHiker live in the same ‘hood.

  2. I’ve had some potentially pretty sky shots that were sadly ruined by a dirty or reflective wind shield. Haha. One time I shot through a tinted bus window — the image was wonderful when I looked at it in the camera– but while editing I noticed the blotches. sigh. Your photo is great though! I noticed how sharp the cars look even though they’re far. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • And I am amazed also how “sharp” it came out considering the car was moving. Sometimes these “dirty pictures” work despite our worst efforts. Thks, Jill.

  3. Well, I love to take pictures from car windows. And I like the creative contributions of the SWF. It need not to be so spectacular.
    Like your photo! 🙂

    • Thanks for coming to visit me all the way from Norway, Spiderdama! Now I need to make a return visit to you.

      PA, she’s no competition since I wasn’t aiming for the sun! Somehow it intruded on my sky picture. 😛

    • Really?? It probably has to do with where you drive, KB.

      BW, as long as you don’t mean daily blogging, I’ll do my best. I have enuf trouble just doing Ann’s Mystery History Tuesday’s!

    • ShSh, here in Southern Cal we have storm clouds which are usually all bark but no bite – just mirages! They look threatening & ready to pour but that’s all – not a drop falls to the ground.

  4. Such a beautiful photograph! I LOVE shots of the sky!

    P.S. If I had to choose one thing from the items I featured yesterday it would be the BE & D Bag; followed by the Diane von Furstenberg shoes! 🙂

    • I Love them too, Erika. And I’m surprised you didn’t say the skirt or shoes.

      Kaori, “little spots of light” is a nice spin on my dirty car winshield! Thanks for the mention on your blog too. I hope I can make it at least most Fridays.

  5. I’m thinking how awesome it is that you’ve joined the Skywatch Friday meme! Yay! And your photo reminds me of my hot summer days in MI, although our main street was much much smaller-scale than yours. Also like the little spots of light in the top left corner.

    See you again next week on Skywatch Friday! 😀

    • You’re the 1st with the welcome, Kel!. Thks.
      That means I will have to visit your website at least on SWF. I hope I can stick with my weekly SW routine.