Throwaways: Los Angeles


Continuing the unloading of the poor photos I have not deleted. Throwaways is one word I use to describe them. Unfortunately most of my pictures I have to delete. So either I trash, or expose to public scrutiny.

The photograph below is barely passable, imho, for publishing. In the case below, the problems are it’s not too sharp – no tripod and the subject is at a distance. Secondly, I think the colors of the sky came out looking weird. Or at least my monitor says so. Not quite right as I recall it eye to eye. I could be wrong…again.




Los Angeles City. I’m in one part of Downtown L.A. (dtla) looking down & east toward another portion of DTLA.  Los Angeles borders Pasadena to our southwest.  With no traffic it takes around 15 minutes from Pasadena to reach DTLA, shooting down the Pasadena Freeway. (or, whatever they call that very old freeway nowadays)

And yes, that is a brunch of greenery in the metropolis – Trees! It’s not some photo trick. And no, they are not from Pershing Square either.

I’m sure some of you have some nicer pictures of this area.


Just remembered I have to post here tomorrow, again – to reveal the mystery behind the weekly Mystery History contest! Oh man. I don’t know how The PIO has been able to do it. Get Well, Soon, Ann!


Gotta Hit the Road. Stay Thirsty My Friends



3 responses to “Throwaways: Los Angeles

  1. Do I see a slight shade of pink in the sky? It’s really captivating in its own way. (And yes, I post at Skywatch Friday sometimes…this could be a Skywatch photo, too!)

    • In general, my commenters usually have a higher regard for my photographs than I do. Kaori, u def take better fotos than me!

      Bercton, just you commenting on this from the UK is surprising. Especially since you’re a photo & architectural expert. Thanks for your interest.