Sunday Afternoon in Pasadena – Chp 2


We continue our recent Sunday afternoon watching the Women’s FIFA World Cup Championship of two weeks past  – Pasadena style. 

For those wondering what I’m barking about, here’s the 1st chapter of how that particular Sunday started: Sunday Afternoon in Pasadena

I mentioned watching the FIFA game at three locations here in Old Town Pasadena. It wasn’t my plan.  Nor even to be in OTP.  In OTP you can see all sorts of people from near to far, rich & poor. From the couple speaking in their French, Spanish, or German tongue, to the homeless speaking their own unique language which often brings in good money. 

In chapter 1 we started at the Hot Wings Cafe. Now we’re doing some viewing time over at the ix tapa Cantina on the northwest corner of Colorado & the Arroyo Pkway.

That corner has seen many a restaurant/bar/club/lounge, whatever, go In N Out there.  And ix tapa is only the newest tenant on that corner of town. Operated by the local restaurant conglomerate which also runs Villa Sorriso & Bar Celona.  I’ve only been to this current incarnation of that corner a few times.  Pleasant experiences but nothing memorable. It is often very busy on weekend nights and for major sporting events. Sometimes with a line of many girls, some hot/many cold, wanting to get in.

Nevertheless, I say this with the full expectation that corner will again, as history as shown, be turning over in the not too distant future to be become yet another whatever night or weekend spot.  Investors will continue to throw their funds, time, and energies at that corner in the hopes that one day something will stick around for a while.

Good space plus great location hasn’t added up to long-term success for those who have come, & gone there. Personally, I’d like to see a Rexall Drugs or Kress 5/Dime open up next there. 

Sorry if this has sounded like a bit like a review. Maybe I couldn’t help it when I got to this corner of town.  Anyways, what do I know.  Lemme stop talking. I just came here to post up a few pics on the wall here for y’all to see from that  sunny afternoon, in the summertime.





Buffalo Chicken Ceasar Salad


By the way in case you were wondering if we we ate anything during our visit to 3 places! Yeah, I had a buffalo chicken Caesar salad. Recommended by my very friendly waitress. It tasted better than expected! I ate it up.







ix tapa has Inside seating, like here at the bar surrounded by TV’s,





outside seating.  Either way you did it, every seat was filled in that afternoon!





Time to get up N out to hit the streets again. So I thought. Until next time…





Until the Next Stop…Stay Thirsty My Friends



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