Food Friends


And now today a brief word about some friends. Food related friends to be specific.

I’m very fortunate to have many gurlfriends who are foodies and/or love to cook or bake!  One of those is wonderful  Jessica. Until this month she lived here in Pasadena. Now she & her sista are moving into a new place, nearby in the San Gabriel Valley.

She graduated from art school out on the northeast a couple of years ago. And briefly taught an art course.

But her real art is food.

Whenever we get together food is almost always central. We’ve gone to check out some restaurants. A couple of times she has brought over food for poor me. “I’m over here at this food place. You want me to bring you some??” Think about what things you would always scream, YES!!, to.  Like me, she will eat basically anything at least once.


This was her first try at baking a lemon tart. It definitely had the lemon flava! Jessica is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. In fact, everything she has made which I’ve eaten has been very good!




Another time she called from, as I recall, El Taquito Mexicano. A “taco joint” here in Pasadena. They also cruise around in a taco truck. Here are soft soft tacos she brought me. Not the best I’ve had but still hit the taste buds!




One was carne asada, and the other, I believe was carnitas.











When Jessica isn’t sharing her finger licking good food with friends like this starving & broke bloke, (and what else are friends for) she can usually be found baking or cooking in the kitchen of a well known restaurant in the SilverLake ‘hood of Los Angeles.


Do you have these type of friends in your life?  If not, get out there & find a couple!  In fact I just met two more this week!!  I’ll write about another foodie friend one day, or year, soon.


Gotta Find out What’s to Eat. Stay Thirsty My Friends



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