Mystery History – Solved!




To paraphrase my history mentor the PIO:  I stumped everybody this week, although there were some very clever and creative guesses for the year these restaurants were all in business!

I’m a bit surprised nobody wanted to take a chance on a second guess. Oh well, it’s history after all. For some of us it reminds us too much of school or homework, etc.


Anyhow, with no further delay, the envelope please…

And the winning lottery number, or year, is 1910!  The picture shown of the restaurant list I clipped from the L.A. Herald  of July 3, 1910.  Source:  Library of Congress. The paper is no longer around. And neither is the L.A. Herald-Examiner, and, maybe one day all newspapers will be extinct. It seems like all that’s left is just a patch work of newspapers today. Freedom of the Press – is that still around?

Reader guesses spanned from 1973 back to 1905.  Two bloggers who take their eating seriously were closest. Karin, Altadena’s and Norway’s brilliant hiker whose writing is always sharply in focus(1905), and Justin the Pulled Porker (1914) who will eat just about anything – then be brave enuf to write about it in public!  For all who participated: thank you for your interest in our local Pasadena history!


Now, where would these restaurants be located today?   Here are photos showing the approximate locations for a few of the eateries on the list, based on current addressing since in many cases the exact address no longer exists.


Roger’s Restaurant: “Where Eating is (was) always a Pleasure.”   Sounds like a place I would’ve like to check out. At least once!





McCoy’s:  “The Best Popular Priced Restaurant in Southern California!”  / Monroe’s Dairy Lunch: “Where He Who Runs May Eat!”  / Stone’s Cafeteria:  “No Waiting! – All Home Cooking”



And immediately to the east and across Marengo Avenue from ATT is this ancient building:




For Grimes Restaurant, at first I just saw 25 & 21 S. Fair Oaks. But lo & behold I did dig up Grimes’ old 23 S. Fair Oaks address – one way or the other! 

Grimes was “the Workingmen’s Headquarters – We Never Sleep!”



Whether this century or last, independently owned restaurants have rarely ever stayed in business for long. Just wondering how many of Pasadena’s restaurant today will still be around “tomorrow”: Green St, Vertical, Akbar, Cafe Verde, Parkway Grill, Robins, Gaon??, etc.  Oh man, restaurant customers are a tough crowd I tell ya!

I could say much more about this. And so wish I had the time now to say more, but seriously, I’ve…



Got Work To Do!! Stay Thirsty My Friends



6 responses to “Mystery History – Solved!

  1. Oh man, I was going to place a second guess of 1910. You’ll have to trust me on that.

    “Where he who runs may eat,” has an ominous sound to it.

    But where was the London Hotel? I guess none of the buildings from 1910 are still standing, are they?

    Thanks for your dogged research. More, more, more!

    • KB, you know I trust you…with most things. Good question re the London Hotel. It was at 72 Mary St, at the corner of Delacy. But I seem to recall there isn’t a Mary St around anymore. I’ll hope u’ll continue that investigation. I’ll do more but I’m really hoping once The PIO gets home she’ll pick up her MH back up. I’ll continue with history postings but only like twice a month.

      Pulled Porker, I don’t know where I saw 1915! But it shows your admirable interest in local history. There’s always next week’s history quiz – good luck!

  2. My original thought was 1911, like maybe you were going back 100 years, but then I decided to up it a little. (BTW my guess was 1914, not 1915.)