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Most of the photos I take I have to delete. If I personally can’t stand to look at them, then I can only imagine what the public would think if they escaped my darkroom!  Lemme continue unloading my untapped source of mostly poor, but maybe decent, photos I have taken over recent years. What I’m calling my, “throwaways.”




This is not a complete picture of the lobby of The Biltmore. It’s the scene your eyes would catch as you first walked in though the main doors after leaving your car & luggage with the valets.  And only about 80% of the hotel lobby is shown.

This shot is barely passable for being seen on a website.   Main problem is what we commonly called blurriness, out of focus, far from sharp, not clear, etc. The other trouble with this is that my settings were certainly not optimal for this dark indoor scene. The only setting I got right is choose to go BnW. Color would have really brought out how bad I took this!

The sun goes down, the shadows rise up, or the lights dim themselves, then my impatience for taking pictures really shows. This is just another example. I really need to take that extra split second to focus, especially since I work without a tripod.

Yet, I thought I had a “good shot!”  Hilarious. At least it’s a recent photo of something old.

I should mention for those unaware that The Biltmore is perhaps the most famous and/or most historical hotel in Los Angeles. It’s been in many films, in fact it hosted what we now call the Academy Awards back in the roaring ‘20’s. It’s been preserved for around 90 years.

I could go on (and I know a couple of others who could go on where I left off!) about the history and more of this place but maybe some other day, or year. And preferably not until I get better photographs of this palace! My current ones don’t do justice at all.

They don’t build hotels like this around here anymore.



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9 responses to “Recent Vintage

    • Since I’ve never been to eat at the cafeteria It was just a wild guess. I def care for the contents of the story behind that mural! I just hope we’re not the few & far between readers who are. Thks for the link. I may share it with some oldtimers who r interested in this historical stuff. Like I said before, I now have even more reason to closely examine that mural!

  1. See that mural behind the front desk? Mr V painted it. If you went into the cafeteria you would find a series of Mediterranean panels, one of which features a woman in a green sweater. Guess who she is?

    • Your Editor Responds: You mean the one on the floor? 😛
      Your Mr. V?? If that’s the case then I have an obligation to return to the scene of my crime for a better foto of his paint job. When did he paint it? I’ve never taken a close look at it. Wood he call himself a muralist, primarily? I hope this foto looks a bit better on your monitor than mine. The Hotel is older than this lobby.

      And my guess is she’s either Miss Harmony, or Liz Short.

    • I seriously value your opinion on such stuff, Erika. Even though my opinion is less so on this pic.

      Barb, I won’t ask you about your nights in old hotels but that wood bee very interesting.

  2. It’s just like being a little tipsy in the lobby of the Biltmore. Which wouldn’t be bad at all. I haven’t painted any old hotels, unless you count the Castle Green. I’ve slept in some though and I’d like to paint them.