Mystery History





People often ask me, “Where can I go Eat in Pasadena??”  If this were 19___  I probably recommend to you an eatery off the above menu.

Where are we? And what’s happening? And actually, I only need the specific YEAR all of these restaurants would have been open for business, or within 1 year of that specific year. But if someone gives me the specific year, then that person will be the winner regardless if he/she was the 1st or last guesser.  This week I’m limiting it to two guesses per person.

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I’ll have the full scoop on Thursday!



Gotta Eat! Stay Thirsty My Friends



11 responses to “Mystery History

  1. Google failed me. It didn’t turn up either of the two fine eating establishments that I tried! But regular meals 25 cents and a special chicken dinner a few cents more … 1905.

    • You actually ate at two of these fine eating establishiments, KB?? I’m impressed! 😉

      You’re in the restaurant biz, Tina, so I’m glad you took a guess.