Sunday Afternoon in Pasadena

I originally was headed to the Paseo District the other Sunday.

Then I was reminded about the Women’s FIFA World Cup Final.


Ok then. Walk a couple blocks into Old Town Pasadena – probably the favorite part of the city for tourists & other out of towners to visit.  A very popular destination in Southern Cal on the weekends.


The View from Hot Wings Cafe 




New, Hot, Young Star ALEX MORGAN on a 1 vs. 3 breakaway for the 1st Goal

Alex Morgan of USA




Unfortunately, this turned out to be a soccer tour. It wasn’t the only stop. That’s what happens when people know you. Or claim to recognize you.  In fact, just yesterday I was in Downtown L.A. when an an editor with the L.A. Times said to me: “Oh yeah, Cafe Pasadena! I know you.”  Funny & I knew that editor too! Not the first time I’ve heard something like that! And it wasn’t the first time I was led to then retell a hilarious, old, but true, story about people “knowing” and/or “recognizing” me.


Next stop = next weekend


Gotta Start Working! Stay Thirsty My Friends



8 responses to “Sunday Afternoon in Pasadena

  1. This was the best women’s soccer game I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s the only women’s soccer game I’ve ever seen…but I still think it was the best. And Alex Morgan was AMAZING!

  2. What a fantastic way to spend a lazy Sunday!

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