Mystery History






Where are we? And what’s happening?

The first person to guess correctly will win a fabulous prize!

I’ll have the full scoop on Friday!



(Pasadena PIO & Blogger – Ann Erdman – runs the weekly Mystery History contest on her blog. A wonderful source of Pasadena history education!  She’s currently hospitalized.  I’m doing this weeks MH in her honor. Ann is as important to the city as anyone I know.)


Gotta Pray. Stay Thirsty My Friends



11 responses to “Mystery History

    • Most readers def think like you, PA: that they’ve walked into an acting studio. Now we all know that wasn’t the case & this was all real.

      PDP, I’m taking “up the mantle” in the full expectation that Ann will take it back up soon after she gets out of the hospital! Although history is very interesting, blogging about it isn’t so easy.

  1. Aren’t you a sweet puppy? Ann will be pleased we’re all thinking of her and that you’ve taken up the mantle.

    I’m with Irina, these two look like actors. Especially the guy on the right. He looks familiar. Could they have used the Superior Court building as a location in the ’60’s? I believe they could have.

  2. No clue, though I wish I did. Sorry, puppy. It’s very thoughtful of you to keep the mystery fires burning. My best wishes to dear Ann for a speedy recovery.

    • No need to be sorry, ShSh. But it wood be funny if a “foreigner” beat the “locals” at our own game!

      Reztlezz Dez, wanna take a second guess?

      This week I may have to say, to quote our Ann de PIO: “I stumped everybody this week, although there were some very clever & creative guesses!” So, here’s a CLUE for y’all: Nobody is anywhere near the bullseye. So, I wood recommend the guessing continue.

    • IN, I’m sure more information will come out over time. But prayers are requested!

      KB, you seem definite or confident in your answer! Sounds like these are 2 guys you knew in the past. 😛

  3. M’Ann’s best friend.

    I think it’s lovely that you’re pinch-hitting. She’ll get a kick out of it.

    All I know is that the fellow with the pompadour and the one with the rug are most definitely actors.

    • Yes. I don’t know all the details & specifics. I’m not at liberty to say anyway. Unfortunately at this point it’s gonna be more than just a week or two before she’s back at work.

      But I know instead of worrying about her here, she would rather have y’all taking your guesses at the Mystery History pic!