From my Scrap Heap


I was originally gonna do this blog post on J-Lo. That’s Jennifer Lopez for you commoners. But it turns out she wasn’t cooperative last night. She would have to give this poor guy a tough time. And I know she loves the dog.  But don’t ya worry, I’ll do her later this week. She’ll come around.

Oh well.

Therefore, I was gonna resort to my backup plan. That fell apart too.

Oh hell.

But I have a backup for my backups. My Throwaway trash of photos!  Japan may not have been prepared with their backup plans this past March but we are fully prepared here at the Cafe Pasadena.


So, I can say, let the blogging go on:

Here in the Pasadena area you can discover a brunch of old junk, ahem, vintage vehicles.  We have so many we lend them to our neighbors just over the borders to our south & north.

Rolls Royce’s, Ferrari’s, vintage vettes, stangs, caddy’s, etc. Anyone can show you that. Hell, even I’ve shown you a few. Here’s a sample for your recollection: The Rose Parade Has Begun!


But, how many can show you an old before it’s time Ford Pinto?! That’s what I thought. Talk about Vintage!



And actually running on the road!  Not parked somewhere gathering dust or a suntan. This can actually drive alongside those ugly looking Priuses. Sorry, I didn’t mean the cars.


How would you like to see one of these babes in a police car chase!


Gotta Hit the Gas! Stay Thirsty My Friends



10 responses to “From my Scrap Heap

  1. Just had an interesting conversation with a resident of the Historic Highlands. Well, that’s what that hood in Pasadena call themselves. (It was unexpected & screwed up my J-Lo apptment I was heading to!) And I should actually say, “former” resident of HH until very recently. Gotta post about that. Soon…

    • What’s so funny, LAW!

      Barbara, we’re all about privacy here, unlike the big corps! And re the Chevy Vega, I do recall seeing one within the past year! Maybe it was this year. I just don’t remember if I took a shot of it. If I have it I’ll post it for you one day – remind me.

  2. Wow! You really don’t see those around. Did you obscure the license plate to protect the privacy of the Pinto owner, or was the Pinto owner himself? And can you find us a Chevy Vega?