I’m not a photo blogger, or a daily blogger. Nevertheless I’ve accumulated a small buffet of photos in a short amount of time.  Just gathering dust is what they’ve been.

Some of these are from outside of The Crown City aka Pasadena.  For example I have a few dozen of Princess Catherine & her husband Bill fundraising here in L.A & St Barbara this weekend – including an acquaintance who went & then found herself being interviewed by the news paparazzi. I dunno when I’m gonna be able to get to those pics!

But most of my pics are trash and should be put out on Trash Tuesday, or at least stay in the dark room never to see the light of even this website!  However, a few appear decent.  If I took the time to shoot them maybe I should at least upload them to unload this vast leftover wing of pics.  So starting today that’s what I’m gonna try  to do.  A burden lifted if nuttin else.

I find the quality of these fotos shift from monitor to monitor.  So if any of these look good on yours, blame it on your great monitor.  Lemme know how decent, or indecent, these pics look on your monitors.




Los Angeles Central City




Stay Thirsty My Friends



12 responses to “Throwaways

    • Well, I wish I could’ve also said I had lots of time! Like some people. And as I mentioned, I find I have to trash most of my fotos which kinda helps. Btw, have your heard from the Madam – Granmaphone – lately?

    • Mystery History?? Oh, that’s right it’s Tues! Now there’s a blogger that deserves as many readers & commenters as all of us combined!

      K, really? Well all I know is that bnw sometimes gives me a sharper pic.

  1. I love the avant garde way this is shot – it looks great!

    P.S. I totally missed Kate Middleton’s trip to LA; but I did check out some of her outfits Online. She always looks beautiful! 🙂