July 4th: Pasadena


It’s Independence Day all across our country.

Here in Pasadena you can find all sorts of patriotic, 4th of July symbolism. I wasn’t looking to post anything this day. However the posting found me, here in Old Town Pasadena, just the other day:







And the artime group is who they were! Basically they are an advertising & marketing company headquartered here in Old Pasadena. Their President, Henry Artime, and a couple of his staff were leaving the office just when I came a knocking. But he was patient & hospitable to stay a minute to accommodate my flag photography. Besides being experienced in what they do, they seemed just like good people. If ever you need some advertising or marketing then I would tell you to check them out. Btw, I could write a few things about this historical building. Hopefully sooner rather than later, haha!



Then another sign that this holiday was out looking for a blog post from me.


Ok, now if you’re still looking for a way to properly celebrate our Independence Day, I have another recommendation for you to check out: AMERICAFEST at The Rose Bowl this evening! It’s not free, but it will give you the best bang for your buck!  At least the greatest July 4th show in The West.  Actually, this long tradition long ago spread beyond the viewers in the Rose Bowl. Locals, and some from distant lands, will surround the Rose Bowl to grab a free sneak peak of the fireworks. They are easily recognizable on July 4th evenings: laying on the grass, sitting in a lawn chair, filling up The Bridge built to Stoney Point Restaurant (Colorado St bridge), or just standing in their front yard or on a corner.

Wherever they view their Independence Day fireworks, wherever they come from, you will see almost all gathered together in groups big & small. On this day, on this night, celebrating their Independence as Americans or wanna-be Americans, looking up into their dark sky lit brightly up like heaven – all come to look for America, here in Pasadena.

Happy 4th of July my fellow & future Americans.



Gotta Stay Safe & Sane! Stay Thirsty My Friends



16 responses to “July 4th: Pasadena

  1. I prefer the stripes vertical since the horizontal makes me look so much wider. I can still fit in the door, don’t you worry. At least, my foot still fits.

  2. I hope you’ve had a good Independence Day week, Cafe. That could be the best photo of a flag I’ve ever seen.

    I missed the Rose Bowl fireworks, too, but I got to oooh and ahhh over my friend’s photos. Maybe next year I’ll see it in person.

  3. I’m sorry I’m so late! Please accept my very tardy well wishes for such a special day over there. I hope you had a wonderful celebration, Cafe.

    • ShSh, you may need a new alarm clock to wake up earlier.

      PA, whenever sombody says I’m “so well connected” or “you know so many people”, I find it’s almost always said by those who actually know more people than me!. Such as yourself!

  4. Nicely written, Mike. And I love that you just walked in and knocked on the door. I’ll bet those people were glad to see you.

    • These are usually rush jobs for me, PB. Whenever I have the time. And it usually shows.

      And whoever was with you, Erika, I’m sure had a fab 4th!

  5. Have a great Independence Day CP! And, you’re right about the Rose Bowl program … been to it many times and it is always a fun show.