The Crown of Downtown


Pasadena is sometimes called The Crown of The Valley – San Gabriel Valley.  I think downtown Los Angeles has its own crown:


The US Bank Tower Skyscraper

633 West 5th Street

US Bank Tower



I found myself on a Sunday stoll one weekday evening and picked up a few pics and facts:

Formerly known as the Library Tower, and the First Interstate World Center.

73 Floors. The tallest building in the USA west of the flooded Mississippi River.  Architectural firm Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. It took 2 years to complete, finishing in 1989.

A large crown of glass tops off this tower & can be illuminated at night, such as green/red for Christmas and purple/gold for the Lakers.  For this 4th of July weekend the theme colors are red white & blue, so don’t be surprised if one evening you see it topped off in those colors.

Has had a history of harassment by building security towards those taking photographs of the building.

Designed to withstand an earthquake of 8.3 Richter.  In the 1996 movie "Independence Day", this was the 1st building to be destroyed by the aliens.  The tower is an actor commonly seen in films.

Anybody know some other interesting facts of The US Bank Tower??



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8 responses to “The Crown of Downtown

  1. Those are very interesting facts, Cafe. I wonder why building security harasses the photographers. Are you speaking from experience?

    • I’m sure cuz it’s the tallest landmark in the West , & 9/11, have something to do with it. Attracts a lot of people who don’t have any biz to do at the bldg. In fact, I have another pic related to this topic! I should post more of my publishable-quality Non-Pasa pics if only so someone other than me has the opportunity to view them.

  2. I like the crown! Good to know they’ve taken earthquakes into account. Have a wonderful red, white and blue weekend, Cafe. I hope you treat yourself to those promised macarons.

  3. Here’s a worthless fact: I had an office on the 49th floor in 1994 and was in my office during some of the Northridge earthquake aftershocks! I also witnessed the smoke from the beginning of the Malibu fires that occurred during that period.

    • Worthless to u maybe, Ken, but to the resta us on the ground it’s what makes a good story! I have to think you have some fotographs there, when u were high?!

      Pulled Porker: and what about the the skyline w/o the world trade ctr towers!

  4. It’s always disconcerting to me to see a movie that shows the skyline and the Library Tower (which is what it will always be to me) isn’t in it. For example, I was watching Lethal Weapon the other day and they showed the city pre-tower and I thought “Woah, that’s weird.”