Pasadena Moving SALE!

Locals may recall the romantic Madeleine’s Restaurant & Wine Bistro closed last year at its Pasadena Green St Plaza location. I know…yet another restaurant that was in, and now, out of business.  Most restaurants should be subtitled, “In N Out.”

Now the building owner has been having a moving sale to clear out the contents of the building upstairs and the eastern half of the ground floor.  Much of the contents has been sold since last week. However, there is still stuff available for sale. I went to look around, investigate, and received a tour of the building from a wonderful girl.  Lemme tell you, this building is larger inside than it appears from the out!


Here is a pictorial sampler plate of the items still available as of the other day.








Tables, Computer Desks

P1300645a P1300556a







Air Conditioners, Stoves

P1300616a  P1300603a










Some Books, Portable Closets

P1300602a  P1300601a





Flat Panel Monitors, Lights, Microwaves, etc…


and Before

Foto Per Yelper Rosie I (Image: Rose I. on Yelp)







P1300600a  P1300595a








Sleep deprived & need a Bed? Come here.  Refrigerators too


P1300574a  P1300570









Furniture in a former dining room








And Last, but not Least: Some works of Art



These items are located on both floors. Everything appeared to be in good shape & working condition. Ask questions of course. Price is basically negotiable. First come, First served! No guarantee of availability of any items by the time you come. So, if you’re interested in checking this out don’t wait! If you don’t see someone to help you, ‘Holler!”


Pasadena Green Plaza

1030 E. Green St., Pasadena 91106


Gotta Get Working! Stay Thirsty My Friends


16 responses to “Pasadena Moving SALE!

  1. I was so bummed when I learned Madeleine’s was closing. I wonder what’s next for that huge, beautiful building. Hopefully not another In N Out restaurant.

    • PA, dunno the availability of items a week later but I woodn’t be surprised if they still had a couple of A/C’s mounted somewhere. Call to inquire: 626-793-7701.

  2. Hi, I am Nao. Thank you for posting our sale. 🙂
    It is sad because I love the building and tenants.
    I hope a lot of people come and buy items.
    That can help both the owner & you who buy things.

    • Your welcome, Nao. Hope the items remaining sell out soon!
      And btw, buyers: if nobody is available when you come to ck out the sale, there are a couple of phone #’s you can call to set up an apptmt.

    • KB, I knew some of my readers were an eccentric brunch which is why I showed the elevator shaft. The fact you already had two shafts simply proved the intimate knowledge I have of my readers. 😛

      BW, don’t worry. I’m not leaving, just like you’re not going anywhere either.

  3. Same thing here, Irina….so glad it’s not Mike that’s moving!

    It looks like it was a beautiful restaurant. Too bad they don’t have any bookcases, I need those.