Out on The Streets…



Alone with Darkness & Silence, Colorado Boulevard







Gotta Move On. Stay Thirsty My Friends



14 responses to “Out on The Streets…

  1. A guy drives through my neighborhood playing loud techno bass and I wanna call the cops. But a guy blasting Springsteen–I just stand there and listen.

    • Erika, it’s nice that at night the streets of fire can cool down. Wish sometimes it could bee that way during the light of day as well.

      KB, I’m sure you could find one. And if not, I’m sure there’s one from Springsteeen.

    • Thks, SC. Yes, this is one of my dark secrets of the deep! To peak your interest & hunting skills I’ll just give you a clue: an old vinyl record shop on a dark corner of Colorado Blvd.

      Pulled Porker: sounds like you may be even better with lyrics than with food.

      • canterbury? I used to go there when Poo-Bah didn’t have what I was looking for – which, 15 years ago, was very, very infrequently