Pasadena 125th Anniversary Birthday Party

If I’m going to cover this I should begin now – before Pasadena turns 126.

On June 11th the Grand Old City of Pasadena kicked off its celebration of 125 years as a city with a Birthday Party hosted at the Pasadena Museum of History. But you can just call it the “Quasquicentennial” party.  Cake was included as it should be. The celebration will continue with other events throughout the year.

This initial event went from noon til 7pm. These events, simple or large, take a brunch of planning, organizing, sponsors, and dedicated volunteers to pull of successfully. I squeezed 90 minutes of partying into my schedule last Saturday. And yet even in that short time my camera overloaded with way so many photographs that I can show only a tiny sample here. I’m not gonna say much. Just let the pictures tell their story. Here’s just a slice of those in a sorta slideshow.


And so here we are…








But before we got up to that main stage we were met at the museum gate by some Vintage Vehicles












Here’s another




   And another













The bankers wanted to present their history as well




  P1270152a  WFargo Stagecoach Door Seal
















And the old Pasadena Fire Dept didn’t want to be forgotten





An old Oldsmobile made itself at home




I thought someone looked like Al Capone to me!







And that’s your car show portion of our birthday party



I Gotta Hit the Road. Stay Thirsty My Friends



11 responses to “Pasadena 125th Anniversary Birthday Party

    • Thks, Jian. How old is your car? Btw, I gotta think about your restaurant question.

      KB, I thot you had typed “horny” little bank. And did Melvin call you “Karen”??

  1. Ah, Wells Fargo — hasn’t changed a bit; everyone’s homey little bank. Was just in there today, and it was, “Well, howdy there, Miss Karin. How’s your ma?” Melvin the teller knows everyone by name.

  2. Ha! Cafe, you’re keeping the laughs coming with your comment to Lori.

    I missed Pasadena’s birthday party so I really appreciate your slide show. I love your shot of the Oldsmobile. Thanks for the vicarious ride.

    • SC, with govment your choices are usually to laugh, cry or get angry. I’m glad you chose the 1st option.

      PA, did you read my post above, or just look at the pictures??

  3. Those vintage vehicles are magnificent ~ I remember the fire engine from one of Petrea’s posts. Some of them would be at home in a fairytale. Thanks for the taste of the festivities, puppy dog.