Pasadena Now, and Then


I decided to cross Colorado Blvd, leave the Paseo view of my prior historical posting, and walk to the sidelines of the Post Office on Garfield Ave, to get a different perspective of that intersection.



NOW: May 2011. Colorado Blvd & Garfield Ave.  Looking south on Garfield, toward Colorado, dead ending with the convention center in the background.


Simply crossing the street is sorta like going from color to black N white, or vice-versa.


USC Libraries Spec Collections 

THEN: Circa 1936. Colorado Blvd & Garfield Ave.  Looking south on Garfield, toward Colorado, dead ending with the convention center in the background. (Image: Dick Witthington Studio/USC Libraries Special Collections)



A few quickie comparative observations one could make solely based on these fotos:

  1. One, as before traffic/cars appear to have been a bigger problem back in olden days.  Therefore we have bluer, cleaner skies than our ancestors.
  2. E.F. Hutton, the investment company was once in Pasadena. (Are they even around anymore??)
  3. Folks were friendlier back in pre-World War 2 days, if I’m allowed to judge by their lack of parking meters on Garfield!
  4. Pasadena (some parts) has grown to be tree huggers in 2011 compared to the token plantings seen here in the 30’s.
  5. Notice this new angle of that old “bank” building on the northwest corner seen in my prior post? Compare it to the white monstrosity which covers up blue sky, and of course, Citihall from the main street!
  6. It appears, to me at least, the area of the Paseo has been raised since the black n white picture.
  7. Finally, today we see Garfield Avenue also has been widened.


That’s all I’ll say for today. Otherwise the changes are all a mystery of history to me. I’m sure you have more to say.


Gotta Get Back. Stay Thirsty My Friends



11 responses to “Pasadena Now, and Then

  1. Looks like there were much less types of cars back then. They all look the same to me!

    PS: If I beg, will you post more of this series? Pretty please? 😀

    • Thks, RD

      PA, yes it appears at least the parking people were friendlier back then. Or, maybe we just have a Picasso/painter working in the parking tix division nowadays! 😉

  2. Hi CP – totally awesome comparison. Good question about EF Hutton…does EF Hutton still talk, do people listen?
    RE your question on Down South Blogger get-together.. No, I never managed to get that arranged. I just don’t have the getting-people-together talent as you do.
    Thanks for stopping by PVDP and getting me back to see what you’ve been up to.

    • Thanks, NT. I wish I had the people hunting & gathering talent you generously ascribe to me. Although I am working on a good one for this year. Hope to do it by Aug.

      LEW, you win some, you lose some, as time ticks away. 🙂

  3. Love the comparisons from then and now. It’s a good thing that the skies are bluer and all that smog has gone, however, it’s too bad about the build-up (and the parking meters!).