Forgotten, but Not Gone


The end of summer marks the beginning of the busiest season for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

Most of us wake up to that time with the selection process for the new Rose Queen & her Court.  The newly crowned young Queen then steps into the busiest stage of her life, to say the least, and her name and face become familiar around the globe! 

It all reaches a crescendo the 1st day or week of January when she reigns over the Rose Parade here in Pasadena.


After that 1st week of the 1st month the Queens life settles down noticeably!  She becomes relatively all but forgotten by the the public and her subjects. And yet, she is still with us, loyally continuing to reign royally in 2011, from above.



Evanne Elizabeth Friedmann,  2011 Tournament of Roses Queen



Gotta Head Out The Door. Stay Thirsty My Friends



10 responses to “Forgotten, but Not Gone

  1. I am not too sure about what the queen has planned for most of the summer, but I do have it under good authority that the queen and her court will be at the 125th birthday party for Pasadena on June 11th. It should be a great day for the queen to reconnect with her court and the people of Pasadena. We should all go. It’s going to be a real fun event. -Mr. Pasadena

    • CT: spring? Next week is Memorial Day which marks the beginning of Summer!

      K: we have a real Queen here in America too. It’s not just a European thing.