1886 Bar @ The Raymond Restaurant



The View at the 1886 Bar in The Raymond Restaurant here in Pasadena.

1886 Bar @ The Raymond


And this reminds me of the renaissance woman Irina Netchaev who runs the Pasadena Views website – among others.  Today marks day 365 of her 365 Things to Do in Pasadena website & Facebook page!! 

Now that is really daily blogging! Or should I say, work! Congratulations to say the least, Irina!

Unbelievable. Suddenly I feel like, uh well, feeling like…



I Need a Drink! So Stay Thirsty My Friends




12 responses to “1886 Bar @ The Raymond Restaurant

  1. I ditto Susan’s toasts to you and to Irina!

    Jim wants to know where this classic bar is located. The only Raymond we know of is in South Pas.

    • K, they don’t pay enuf for me to be a daily blogger! She may be the most prolific & hardest websiter in Pasadena!

      ChiefTess, I’ve heard that before. And, no, I didn’t know this bad economy had made her go into the hot dawg biz – of all things! 😛

    • Yes, KB, and my appetites can also be satisfied here! 😛
      Erika, yes def some vintage in this bar. Fashionista models wood fit in here too! 😉

  2. Ooh, I love this place! There is a sense of old-world charm here that makes you think of the great writers of yesteryear stopping by to quench their thirst! 🙂

  3. Mike, thank you so much! I’m so honored to be mentioned on your blog. And, I so appreciate you making it over to Bodega Wine Bar tonight to celebrate our anniversary with us!

    @Susan, thank you!

    PS Great photo of the 1886 Bar!

    • Chiefkath, work on your list each time you come south.

      SC, I’m no bar hopper but this is def one of the best! A pro/con is the small, intimate size. However, there is refreshing garden seating just o/s the door.

  4. Wow. Just last night I met a guy who said 1886 Bar has the best cocktails in greater L.A. And he’s a bartender at Seven Grand – a downtown whiskey bar that I’d never heard of, but I guess he should know. So, a toast to you, Cafe, for the synchronicity!

    And a toast to Irina for day 365!