New Food / Taco Truck!

I’m always surprised when I’m reminded it’s been a while since I last blogged from de Cafe Pasadena. In this case, how long?

Well, it’s been so long that the USA Navy Seals & CIA found, caught, & killed the infamous terrorist Osama bin Laden!! No longer the FBI’s Most Wanted, Dead or Alive. His is now a closed, dead, & buried case.

Even though I haven’t seen any pic of Osama RIP, presumingly with his 72 Virgins. But I take it on faith – faith in our government – that they got our man. Yeah, I know, I know. But it’s yet another Cafe Pasadena’s…Believe It or Not!


So we can now return to life as normal beginning with a new blog post.

Ever since the Los Angeles based Koji BBQ Taco/Food truck appeared on our roads just a few years ago, they’ve sparked a revolution from taco trucks to all types of food on wheels.  Like other new California ideas, food trucks have gone viral on the highways & byways across our nation.

The Kogi BBQ truck had the double whopper ideas of good food delivered near you on a truck and the marrying of Mexican and Korean in a new food fusion.

I am not surprised by whatever food is now trucking down our roads: Dumplings, Vietnamese, Ice Cream, Cajun, a sweets truck, etc!   Even well know chefs have gone behind the wheel, such as French Chef Ludo  Lefebvre! Basically whatever you want to eat can be found trucking on a road near you or soon to be near you!



But even I didn’t see this new one coming! (Did you?)




I wonder what they could be selling besides water? Can you believe it!



Gotta Keep on Truckin’! Stay Thirsty My Friends



13 responses to “New Food / Taco Truck!

    • Where have u been Restless One?? And yes I’m aware of Webster’s weekly Friday truckers gathering. Happy Fryday de 13th to you.

      PA: really! They all showed up at HP? Were there any Altadenakytes’s there calling to complain to the cops?

      SC: yes, you do need to try Kogi at least once! Beside N. Lake, they also visit Eagle Rock. I’m to lazy & cheap to drive way out to the west side of LA.

  1. They all showed up in Highland Park last night behind the 99 cent store on York and Fig. Must of been around 12 of them including a “doggie treats” truck. I’m not kidding

  2. I waited in line for Kogi BBQ with Tommy by my side late one Tuesday night up on north Lake. Actually it wasn’t a line; it was a mass of people. After about 30 minutes I gave up. It sure smelled good though. One of these days I’ll get to the westside to try it in one of his restaurants.

    But Arrowhead water and tacos… well, that’s worth waiting for!

  3. I remember the days when everything could be ordered by phone. Is this the new thing now? Cooking for you right outside your door in a truck? ;D

    I think you need to update this more often. I’m curious to see what they had!

    • Everything can’t be ordered by tele anymore?? I guess I’ve been out longer than I thought! Kaori, unfortunately it appears women are much better at updating their
      blogs than me.

      PA, I believe some WalMarts have opened their doors to the MD’s – their days in the grimy parking lots may soon be over. Believe It or Not!

  4. On a similar note, I had a friend who thought it might be a nice idea to be a traveling MD in a Silver Stream. Go from one Wall Mart parking lot to another. He’s ended up a practicing MD in a tent somewhere in Afghanistan.

  5. You make me smile, Cafe! As for the food trucks, I wonder if this phenomenon is going to take off down here. Now you have another reason to chase them, dear puppy.