1810 Argentine Restaurant


I was gonna visit our local Jack in the Box to take care of a late lunch! But an important reminder from our  Pasadena Restaurant PIO changed those plans:

It’s the 1st Pasadena Restaurant Week here in our town until Friday!

Pasadena Restaurant Week was conceived to reintroduce Pasadena as a restaurant destination and remind Southern California and our local restaurants that Pasadena offers dining experiences to satisfy all tastes at every price range.


Anyway, it was getting late for lunch, and I was getting hungrier. I scanned the list of participating restaurants and chose 1810 the Argentine restaurant in Old Town Pasadena on Colorado Boulevard. It looked like they might still be serving lunch.

Each restaurant creates a specially priced fixed menu for lunch and/or dinner for restaurant week. 1810 has a 3-course lunch menu. Only $15. You pick 1 option from each course.




First course. I’m not fond of Lentil soup but my server said it was good.  This soup didn’t change my mind about it.




Some Argentine memorabilia hangs on the walls


Second course. The menu said “petite” but my waitress said to go with the steak anyway. My 1st impression as it landed on my table was positive: it’s the largest petite sized steak I’ve seen! The mashed potatoes were buttery, creamy, and good.  The steak was cooked medium rare as requested. Otherwise my steak was a bit on the rubbery side, and virtually tasteless. You might wanna order the chicken or salmon instead.















Last course, dessert!  Go with the Flan suggested my waitress. Frown. But I can’t recall any Flan I’ve ever liked! Ok. One more chance for Flan.  “How do you like it?”, she asked. I’m not sure but besides the caramel on top, I asked her if there was espresso in it! Anyway, this may be the best Flan in my life. Still, this is not saying much from me and this one didn’t change my mind about Flan.

Service. I had two servers. The one who greeted me, brought my bread and water, and made the suggestions but didn’t leave a positive, welcoming impression on this diner.  Happily a new server took over with a new personality: warm, courteous, funny, helpful, and glad to have me in her restaurant!

With this economy hitting restaurants especially hard it’s especially important management know who they are hiring to represent them to their customers on the dining room floor.  But it’s a hard lesson which management/ownership too often fails.

Nevertheless, at $15 for the above this menu was priced about right. Check out 1810 this restaurant  week while taking into account my own experience.


If Argentine cuisine isn’t your thing you have other choices to check out: Bua Na Thai, Crepe Studio, Elements Kitchen, IX-Tapa Cantina, Japon Bistro, Maison Akira, Margarita’s Comida Mexicana, Noor Food & Wine, Villa Sorriso, or Yahaira’s Cafe – to name just a few.  However, steak & potatoes with lentil soup…does that sound Argentinean to you?




The View from Colorado Boulevard






Gotta Support Our Restaurants! Stay Thirsty My Friends




13 responses to “1810 Argentine Restaurant

  1. Let me get this straight, you ordered three dishes. A bland and tasteless chop, followed by two other dishes you KNOW you don’t like. All on the recommendation of a server whom you found wanting in the charm department. So far, the only recommendation I can figure out from this review is the price. I’m amused

    • Actually, PA, I didn’t know if I wood like 1810’s version of lentil & flan; only knew my experience from other restaurants. But I’m open-minded to find the taste I’ve been missing and others seem to know. I let the server know my feelings about those items but she was convincing enuf for me to give their versions a try. Food, fashion, art, is very personal or subjective among people.

      EoA: I haven’t eaten often enuf at 1810 or Malbec to know which is the better Argentine. (I pass on the JiB tacos!)

  2. Hmmm. Lentil soup and flan… Seems if you order something you don’t like to start with it won’t be very tasty when you get it, but anyway.

    I am partial, as a Restaurant Week organizer, but I also happened to go to 1810 last night for dinner with my wife. We did not have lentil soup, but instead had empanadas and Argentine chorizo for an appetizer. I had salmon and Laurie had the steak for dinner followed by mango sorbet and flan for dessert. Laurie doesn’t much like flan, so I had that and it was very good, as was the entire dinner, especially considering the 3-course was prices at $23, so we got two tasty dinners (salmon cooked very well and the steak was done exactly as she likes it) with a moderately priced bottle of Malbec with tax, tip, etc. for less than $70. Can’t beat that.

    Anyway, I appreciate your supporting Pasadena restaurants! (Keep it up!) I am sure there are some you will find to suit your taste.


    • PL, read my comment above to PA. I’m open-minded when it comes to eating something I haven’t liked in the past or visiting a new restaurant. My search for the “Holy Lentil” and “Holy Flan” will continue until I find what I’m missing! I also think if I had ordered what you & Laurie had I too wood’ve been more pleased with my meal.

      You’re doing well organizing this 1st Restaurant Week. It should be better next year. And if it is better, then I suggest you run for political office! We need more food people in local politics! 😉

      • Funny. I hope it builds for next year. We need to start sooner, promote more and bring in more restaurants! Will be interesting to hear the reports from the participant restaurants.

        Thanks for dining out in Pasadena!

  3. And, thanks for the reminder Ann! Hopefully other loco bloggers will get out there to show their support.

    Pulled Porker, ck the list of participating restaurants. Go to a place you haven’t visited. Look 4ward to what you think.

  4. I’m definitely going out for lunch this week, but I wasn’t planning to visit 1810 before I read this, and I’m definitely not going to now.