Tear Drops on Tinsel Town


Hollywood Blvd 2011




Cafe Life along Hollywood Blvd





Gotta Remember. Stay Thirsty My Friends…




8 responses to “Tear Drops on Tinsel Town

  1. I haven’t seen any of her movies (that I’m aware of) but in grade school, my BFF and I used to spritz some of her older sister’s Elizabeth Taylor perfume on and pretend like we were in college. Sweet memories.

    • Thank you. I wundered if someone wood notice that sigh, Barb. But since that is on Hollywood Bl, it’s not referring to the canine type.

      Those fotos could easily have been better if I took the time…but, a compliment from a stylist like you Erika is high praise indeed!

  2. She’ll never be forgotten, for her films or for her courage. “Butterfield 8” is one of my favorite movies. Plus, she ran toward AIDS when so many were running away from it. Incredible woman.

    • Of all her big films, “B8” isn’t one I’m aware of! Having a loved one die of aids, Rock Hudson, spurred her on to get into the aids fundraising.