Pasadena’s 1st Christian Scientist






1st Church of Christ, Scientist

Green & Oakland / Pasadena CA 91101


Gotta Wonder. Stay Thirsty My Friends




12 responses to “Pasadena’s 1st Christian Scientist

  1. Similar experience to that of Chieftess to report: The mother (an adherent of said belief system) of a close family member died of cancer after no attempt at medical treatment. He majored in pre-med.

    I vote for both medical and spiritual approaches. But draw your own interpretation. Nice photo, nevertheless.

  2. I’m not bashing Christian Scientists…I’m simply recounting a part of my personal history…my father’s experience…my apologies if it appeared to be “bashing”…that was not my intent…it was a source of sadness in my family.

  3. My father was not a Christian Scientist. He went into a diabetic coma and with medical treatment died. I didn’t blame the medical world. Seems a little rough for TheChieftess to be bashing Christian Science. I know many Christian Scientists who live healthy, fruitful lives. Their spiritual healing is a wonderful witness.

    • I didn’t feel any “bashing” of Chistian Science, LS. The ChiefTess, I sensed was simply recounting a sad, unfortunate experience of death in her family history but was not making any conclusion as to the role of CS in it.
      In fact, I do believe the the spiritual can play a significant positive role in our health.

    • The building is pretty impressive too, CF!

      K, yeah, just your average church here in our town. I don’t recall ever posting a pic of our Citihall. For you, I will do it soon.

    • I was thinking it was a night shot, KB

      Unfortunately, Chieftess, even a single neg experience will ruin our perception of something – valid or not.

      LAW, an impressive bldg but it good use a lot more life.

  4. My Grandmother was Christian Scientist…she probably went there…unfortunately, she died before I was born…she went into a diabetic coma and because she was Christian Scientist, she never got medical attention. Don’t know if it would’ve helped back in those days, but it certainly affected my dad…he rarely if ever went to church…