Azeen’s Afghani Restaurant

When was the last time you ate at your favorite Afghan restaurant?

Can’t exactly recall? No problem. Btw, don’t think it’s anything medical.


Having eaten a splendid buffet of cuisine yesterday afternoon, I was reminded of my last experience with Afghan food: at Azeen’s Afghani in Old Town Pasadena.   




In fact I saw the mysterious Altadena Hiker, aka KB, just the other day which brought back the time she asked me for a restaurant referral, just as Irina of Pasadena Views had recently asked, and what to order. “Azeen’s Afghani & the Appetizer Sampler” was one of my final answers.

Long story short: she went, she ordered, and came back with a happy report!  The same result with Irina on a referral to a different Pasadena restaurant.  In each instance I had done my job – another woman left satisfied and gotten their monies worth.

More recently, a Pasadena foodie friend went to Afghani for her 1st experience with Afghan cuisine.  I would paraphrase her review as: “Wow! This place is not to be missed!” It’s good. How good will be your decision.

Service was good & low-key when I went. From the outside the dining room looks formal but once inside it feels more homey and comfortable.

When I visit a restaurant or cuisine for the 1st time, I will usually ask the servers what they recommend, what is the most popular or best dish.  Same recommendation to you, as well as to order an item that is considered authentic.


What does “Azeen” mean?  It’s named for the owners daughter.  The restaurant & daughter both were born about the same time. 

Afghanistan also represents a country where our soldiers are fighting the Taliban and terrorism. It would also be nice to know our soldiers were feasting on this type of Afghani cuisine. Doesn’t hurt to dream! History tells of one benefit from fighting overseas: an import or increase of those foreign cuisines to our shores!  Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants just two examples. So hopefully we’ll see more Afghanistan restaurants openings in the near future!


This non-writer can get long winded with this blogging so lemme just say This is The End right here.



Azeen’s Afghani Restaurant

110 E. Union St.,  Pasadena CA  (626)683-3310


Gotta Rest. Stay Thirsty My Friends





13 responses to “Azeen’s Afghani Restaurant

  1. Ooohh…. never tried Afghani food, but will put it on my list of TO DOs and will report back!

    BTW, I tried several on your list and loved each one! You are golden!

  2. I’ve never had Afghan food before but am very curious. Do you think they have vegetarian meals? I’ll have to look for one in Tokyo. My first visit here and you’ve got me tickled with the way you ended the post! 😀

    • For those who don’t eat animal meat, yes Kaori, they have vegetarian items on their menu. Your next visit to Calif you’ll have to ck it out.
      Curious about how I “ended the post”!

  3. “When was the last time you ate at your favorite Afghan restaurant?”

    ask me! ask me! Walter’s (a typical Afghani name) Claremont. Bowlanies served with Walter’s famous chutney and yogurt dip or Afghani fries served with Hein’s Ketchup.

    next time I’ll come here. Much closer

    • PA, just wundering how many big moons ago that was…is “Walter’s” still there? So, did you like Afghan cuisine??

      PIO, I remember that occasion but I recall it as only 2-3 yrs ago. And, Ann, good two sea ewe again.

  4. Love that place! First time I was there was a few years ago for a farewell lunch for Maggie Campbell, former executive director of Old Pasadena Management District. She moved on to a similar position in Texas.

    It was great to see you at the bloggers picnic yesterday, Mike!

  5. I wish in Italy there was more foreign cuisine culture… we are stuck on our “super cuisine” and are so narrow minded not to enhance other countries delicious food… 😦

  6. “In each instance I had done my job – another woman left satisfied and gotten their monies worth.” LOL! I’ll have to try this restaurant, then, so I can be added to your roster of satisfied women, Mike! : o

    Of course, having been married to an Iranian man, I’m very familiar with Persian cuisine. I’m anxious to see how Afghan food compares…..