Happy New Years!

In January you’re saying & hearing a brunch of “Happy New Years!”.

And in my case at least you may be having to answer a variety of questions throughout the year which sound like this: “So, what did you do for New Years?!”

Generally I try to do very little for New Years except welcome the New Year without accidentally meeting up close & personal with a wasted driver on the highway.   Yes, that even means rarely attending the Rose Parade. I know the parade is in our backyard, but my preference is to stay in my bedroom, sleeping-in late in the comfort of warmth, to say the very least.

However this past New Years was going to be different!

We would attend the New Years Eve pre-parade activities leading up to actually attending the Rose Parade!  It would be my busiest New Years in, years!  Getting very tired & very little sleep as our wages in return, of course.

But there was one unplanned, but small, thing I had to do on New Years Eve, or forever hold it over for a year. This was not the best time to do it, but it was also the only time.  I would squeeze it into my schedule! I figured it would take 30 minutes max. No problem.





My unplanned last minute thing, on New Years Eve, was to pay a visit to Tournament House (TH), aka Wrigley Mansion, aka The HQ of The Tournament of Roses association (ToR).  I would be In N Out of there quicker than someone waiting for a burger at a fast food joint!

On the grounds of TH, it all started with me in conversation with one, then another white-suiter – volunteer workers-members for the ToR.  They were busy with the parade just hours away but not too busy to make a pitch as to why being one of them would not really require much time & effort on my part. Unconvinced. Thanks, but… 

Those white-suiters are far better people, and workers, than I am.  I can only applaud & thank them for their charitable & sacrificial efforts.

Well as they say, one thing led to another and so on.  My 30 minute – max – visit to TH ended up about 4 hours later!  Where did the time go?  Can’t really recall. All I know is time waits for no one and that means me. 

As I was leaving, finally, I noticed they were having a little catering event in the backyard of TH!  By that time I was tired and too behind schedule to try sniffing out some leftovers.

Thus, this quick, unplanned detour on December 31st had performed a minor tsunami on my whole New Years activities!  It washed away my well laid out plans. That included scratching off my to do list the going to the Rose Parade. As they say about the best planned plans…

So I simply welcomed the New Year at midnite, with many souls I didn’t know!, and then comfortably slept in late as has been my preference all these years. But at least I felt good about starting off the New Year.

Happy New Years, Y’All!


Btw, what did YOU do for New Years?!



Gotta Go & Stop! Stay Thirsty My Friends.




6 responses to “Happy New Years!

    • Si!, tres glamorous. Holiday sickness was going around a lot this year, Erika.

      SC: only 8 mths behind? Try my 2yrs and counting backlog! Blogging isn’t easy.

  1. I’m all for the low-key New Year’s Eve and sleeping in on the first day of the year. I think I watched a movie on my computer but can’t remember which movie.

    I’m about 8 months behind, with posts I never wrote from last August onward. Time does slip away. I gotta get blogging again.

  2. First off, I’m so impressed that you remember New Year’s. (Not a reflection on your memory, but mine.)

    Spent it with friends, feasting. You would have loved it.

    • 1st off, JS, I kinda wish it was still Dec 31st or that at least it could be the longest day of the year. And, did you say “feasting?”

      LAW, you guys have a long drive don’t ya? How was the drive home?

  3. Interesting post, and how easily does time slip away.

    I’m trying to remember what we did for NYE. Oh, that’s right – nothing. The store closed at 4:00 or 5:00 pm (can’t remember, it all runs together) and we drove home, which is where we stayed, grateful to have a day off.