Pasadena SkyWatch Wednesday

California is easily the most populated state in the United States of America. Why?  Good Question. Who knows!  Ask those who decided to move here from wherever around this globe. 

But sure, weather was a Big reason. Whether it still is, is unquestionable.  The thirst for something better or a 2nd or 99th chance, for brighter warmer skies in their lives, has been unquenchable. So, the visitor becomes yet another new Californian. Here in Pasadena health & January 1st TV weather, a multi-ethnic population, a variety of education opportunities – along with the Tournament of Roses – have been major draws to overpopulate us with people, cats, traffic, and, well I don’t wanna think what else…

Speaking of weather, here’s just a quick snapshot from a Pasadena afternoon. Yesterday in fact. Late afternoon cruising down the Colorado Boulevard in the Paseo district, your fav music playing, with your girl, top down




I have plenty of these kinda shots as I’m sure some of you do also.  Unlike the others, I rarely get around to posting them.



Forgive the streaks across this foto: the car motion, my reliably dirty lens, plus the dependable dust & grime on the car windshield.  But I think you get the picture.


Gotta Chase The Light. Stay Thirsty My Friends.





11 responses to “Pasadena SkyWatch Wednesday

    • Appreciate the compliments from you artists, Barbara/PA. This shot could certainly have been better, but admittedly, it was good enuf to get published in Cafe Pasadena! 😉

  1. Thanks, CT & BW. Both of you were on our last blogger tour given by the PIO. Hopefully you’ll make the next tour, probably given by me sometime this year.