Favorite FOOD


What is your one favorite food to eat?

Your last meal?


Mine might be Pizza! I have yet to meet a Pizza I didn’t at least like. Unlike with people, or cats.  Just saying.


I’m in Love! With Pizza!!





I can spot or smell out a good pizza even through a natural disaster.  Above photo shows the Rose Bowl Pizza I found looking below. Unfortunately I couldn’t try it since both the Rose Bowl & the pizza stand were closed.

Love my pizza with garlic, onions, tomatoes, & basil.  That’s just a start. 

Most people will buy an extra large pizza and divide it among their friends or family. I could live with that. I could also eat the whole pie by myself. It’s a tough job but I’m willing to meet this challenge mouth & teeth on.

I’ve been very happy to see most local blogger’s include canines and food in their blog posts!  That is, those that still blog regularly.  But at least the most important issues of the day concerning Pasadena are sure to be covered.

So, back to a vital question: what would be your most favorite thing to eat? Your last swallow?  The one thing you had to have on the table of your last supper? 


By the way, if you have any good pizza joints to recommend be sure to leave a comment. I also hear Pizza makes an excellent item to bring to a Potluck! 😉





Gotta Run to Eat!!  Stay Thirsty My Friends




19 responses to “Favorite FOOD

  1. I’m with Jean – I love too many foods to know what I’d choose for my last meal. I hope I don’t have to think about it for a while.

    I love pizza but as an east coast transplant, I’m a bit of a pizza snob and don’t often eat it here. I appreciate all the recommendations and will check them all out.

    • I understand, SC, about your pizza preferences. It’s a principle that whatever we are 1st exposed to in life we tend to favor or endear the rest of our years.

  2. Yeah, it’s been awhile, but Sushi of Naples moved into it’s present location on Green Street AFTER Greco’s left that address. And yes, Zellos is expensive but if you get pair a half pan with the beet salad then split it with your date, you’ll walk out satisfied

  3. I missed this post but if it makes you feel better being the inspiration for my childhood, well you go go go

    the pizza question

    Grecos Pasadena
    Zellos Arcadia
    Original Pizza New Port Beach

    Pasadena’s Grecos. Started on Fairoaks, tried to expand and go swank to quickly when it left for present day Sushi of Naples. Then it went to the much smaller storefront on Union, then it died. My last meal died with them, but if it hadn’t..

    Greco’s Cheese calzone with sweet basil and marinara sauce. Candied apple and a pack of Carelton 120’s soft pack red

    • You love Zello’s on Foothill that much? Kinda expensive isn’t it? (for me at leat!)

      Greco’s must’ve been a long time ago. It came before Sushi of Naples, while still on Colorado Bl??

  4. I think I might have to agree with you on pizza. My favorite meal would probably be: fresh squeezed lemonade, thin-crust cheese pizza w/ basil, a big salad of spicy greens with smoked blue cheese and a fresh balsamic dressing, followed by a warm brownie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream.

    For pizza, we like “The Kitchen” on the corner of Union and Delacy. Not in love with their pastas, but I really enjoy their pizza – and good service.

  5. Believe it or not, I don’t really have a favorite food. I just want coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Though I do love cream cheese icing and would gladly eat it out of the carton for my last meal! 😛

    • CF: You love cream icing? Hmmm, very interesting. Sounds wunderful to me! So, that begs the question: what/where is your fav Coffee???!

      JS: what food pops into your head 1st?

    • Miss KLN, that’s good news to hear! I hope you have a picture to share. Assuming you’re now back in Spain, take some food porn pics of their Spanish food. Hurry back home!

      Ann, oh woman that all sounds so tasty!

  6. I very much miss the birthday meal my mother made for me every year for as long as I can remember until she went to Heaven three years ago: roast pork, acorn squash and authentic Waldorf salad, with homemade devil’s food cake and whipped cream icing for dessert. If I had to choose a last meal, that would be it!

    Pizza might come in second…!

  7. I hear good things about the Luggage Room Pizzeria down by the Del Mar train station. Mamma’s Pizza in South Pas, and Tarantinos on Green St are probably our favorites.

    And we always enjoy the Kitchen.