Women’s Best Friend would be anything but loyal if this dog failed to at least recognize your Day of the Year!


March 8th: International Women’s Day! , aka The Day of The Woman


Annually on March 8th is a day where men as well as women can acknowledge the economic, religious, political, and social accomplishments & importance of woman.

Thousands of events are held around the globe to inspire women and celebrate their achievements. A global web of rich and diverse local activity connects women from all around the world ranging from political & religious gatherings, business conferences, government activities, networking events through to local women’s craft markets, musical & theatric performances, fashion parades and more.

In fact here in the USA the whole month of March is designated as Women’s History Month, if you can Believe It or Not!!

Women are my favorite gender. My best friends, favorite cooks, eating & conversation companions. Most of my friends are women.  They can be frightenly frustrating and funny without really trying.  At the same time.  Just curious to a fault. I’ve been brought up so women are like one of the guys to me.  I could go on and on, on and on. On and on. But life is short and time waits for no one and it certainly hasn’t waited for me.



There are countless examples of good women who have entered history, left a memory, but who deserved more. This was just one.



Man is incomplete without a female to woo man, imho. You’ve come a long, long, way baby!  So today – today – do something to show respect, honor, and love for the women in your life.  Happy Women’s Day!



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Gotta Go Give Some Love to Women. Stay Thirsty My Friends




10 responses to “WOMEN’S DAY

  1. As I was growing up in Russia, Women’s Day – March 8th – was a very big deal. All the ladies would get flowers and it would be quite a festive day. It seems like US doesn’t really celebrate it. So… it was nice to see it mentioned by you Mike! 🙂

  2. Cynthia and Julian Lennon; that was unexpected…and welcomed. So when did we get a day? and how come it’s not a holiday?

    Our Foreign Editor responds: last century, your day was Yesterday.

    • PA: thanks. Painter of Life, Jean, said something similar a couple of posts ago. I keep you artists on your toes.

      Dara: thanks. you’ve always said a lot with a little!

  3. Lovely post … and I just saw a film based on John Lennon’s relationships with his mother and aunt — very compelling. I didn’t know as much about Cynthia, as so much focus has been on Yoko, as far back as I can recall. This was a nice tribute. Thank you, Cafe Pasadena!