TODAY: SLake 2 @ Colorado Blvd

As per my nature, I am reporting a local event later rather than earlier!

I’m sure some readers will recall my advance notice of the first Vroman’s SLake book event back in August. Haha!! But I gotta support our local people whenever time permits. 

So, if reading, poetry, journalism, Vroman’s, Bukowski, the Huntington, literature, and/or eating tasty treats interests you then click on the links below Today! NOW! Btw, I expect there will also be wine or champagne. So I think we’ve covered everybody who’s heart is still beating, or at least breathing.

It’s all a happening today in just a few hours related to the publication of the second quarterly SLake literary journal reader: SLake 2! I can tell you from my experience with the premier issue last year that it is well worth the price. If you love reading good writing, it is a bargain – a real steal!! 


Here’s the links for more reliable information:

Tour of Charles Bukowski: Poet on the edge. At the Huntington Library

This afternoon at 3pm. I don’t know what the ticket availability is at this time. Click the link to ck on purchasing tickets.


SLake 2 Book Signing & Reading at Vroman’s Bookstore. Tonite at 6:30pm

Vroman’s Bookstore is at 695 E. Colorado Blvd here in Pasadena.



Gotta Go! Gotta Eat!! Stay Thirsty My Friends





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