The Hardest Worker in Government Business


It isn’t easy for me to blog. Time & poor writing habits are major impediments. Even without those I still struggle with “WHAT?” to blog about!!  Well, I can “thank” (haha) a loyal public servant for helping me with the “what” today!


At city council meetings, the Mayor & his council servants will actually stop talking to listen, a few minutes, to their employers who voted them into office: We The People!   I know it sounds miraculous particularly if you’re from another country, uh Egypt for example. This time is usually called something like, “Public Comment.” The council may have another name for it.

Even if council meetings had no attendance & the citizenry apparently wanted no part of listening politicians, our city would most likely still have someone doing public comment! How??



Because we have The Hardest Worker in Government Business – Ann Erdman official city blogger aka Public Information Officer. Job description: she does everything, & more for the city. “Mystery History” about Pasadena is the weekly highlight on her blog. She would probably do the public comment if no citizens attended! I can only imagine what she would say if given the chance at that podium: “save my staff & other city jobs! Get out amongst the people. Press the flesh. If you can do more for Pasadena – do it!” 

Speak to her about “8 hour days & weekends off” and she’ll look at you as if you’re speaking a foreign language or the way a canine looks at a feline! As an example of her hard work, when she is not blogging and helping we the people, you can find her also working overtime as Pasadena’s PIO!

Actually it’s never overtime for Ann. It’s always just the right time to do the city’s business on behalf of its residents, workers, and canines. She does good to make us all look good.

But such loyalty and work ethic does not come without a price. Loss of personal time is a big one. And being around so many people & working around the clock means your health can take a beating.


Which is why I am sending this Get Well Soon blog card to the PIO today!

Since last week she’s been wrestling with a cough, bronchial infection, and strep throat. We’ve all fought with at least one of those. Including this dog unfortunately!   Put her in your prayers for a prompt recovery.

You should also drop her a “get well soon, Ann”  comment at her blog: Pasadena PIO!


The up side of the PIO being down this week is that it’s put her under house arrest so she can get some rest away from the office & politicians…for once!!

I’ve only mentioned the PIO’s work ethic. I could go on with her other qualities & virtues. And on. But I best turn myself off here since my blog ethic isn’t so great!



Gotta Get Some R & R. Don’t Wanna Get Sick! Stay Thirsty My Friends!





15 responses to “The Hardest Worker in Government Business

  1. Yesterday was my first day back at work and I’m just now seeing this. It’s very sweet of you, Mike, for the post, and thanks to everyone for the comments. It warms the cockles of my unhardened heart. I’m taking it nice and slowly for now. Antiobiotics, IV treatments and plenty of bedrest did the trick. I appreciate everyone’s concern.

    • SC, then you must make your rounds, with the chicken soup, for sure.

      ShSh, thank you. But you women are always tossing your sweet-nothings down this K9 way!! Btw, how’s the weather down there. Here it’s just clear blue sunny skies, Springtime, from here to down there.

  2. Ann is great. Thanks for posting about her. By the way: Now we must all post about Desiree so that she can sell her ebook. There you go: now you have something to blog about.

    • Good idea, MF. Since you’re wine drinking friends with the Restless One I’m gonna ask that you be the 1st to blog about her new iBook! The sooner the better. In fact, can you blog about her immediately, or at least today! Thk You.

    • KB, I 1st tossed FREE PR for Petrea, now the PIO. Before, I did Altadena’s Webster’s. Maybe I should stay in Altadena to see if I can find anything else worthy! 😉