This Land is Your Land ?

Last couple of weeks a few bloggers apparently have had their dog tails bitten by some careless cats, over some local real estate. Something about preservation, loss of houses, parks, woodlands, trees, etc. 

If you’re a regular reader & commenter on this blog I don’t need to remind you when our city council was filled with Paul Bunyan sympathizers 2 years ago which resulted in chainsaws running wild in the Colorado Blvd tree fiasco!  Most recently, in neighboring Arcadia where “ignoring protests from residents and environmentalists Tuesday, the (L.A.) County Board of Supervisors opted to let crews bulldoze about 11 acres of coast live oaks and sycamore trees north of Arcadia,” in exchange for sediment & debris from a dam and catch basins.  (more)  Whether it’s trash, debris, sediment, or just stuff, the stuff gotta go. And maybe with it some of the things people cherish.

In the future in the San Gabriel Valley, I expect to see what we’ve seen in the past: a fight over traffic and land use. Extending the 710 to the 210, & over the best use of the Hahamongna. Key questions will be 1) if you’re against something, then what is your workable alternative solution? 2) what decision will benefit the most people? Well, lettuce hope these questions are seriously considered in these repression era economic times.

In contrast, a much lesser number of our political leaders have found any reason for concern.  They have exhibited leadership qualities: cool, calm, collected. Life goes on for them: With you, or without you. Unless it’s reelection time. Obama: from Hope 08 to Nope Now, just one example.

It’s the same promises, the same inspirational speeches of progress made & promises to be fulfilled.  The SOS.  Petitioning your grievances to politicians brought up in the 60’s & 70’s?  Well, good luck with that!

But all sides are to blame for the preservation of history disappearing or just butchered to pieces. Too little, too late…again. (Are there really “Planning departments” in government!??) An example of change you can believe in with your own eyes. Times change. An integral part of progress.

I’m old enuf to have seen this scene before.   Land & history has been central to what much strife, hatred, and war is about. I’ve lived & learned long ago.


I don’t know how relevant this song is any more. It’s a real oldie after all. Have my doubts how much people even in this area care about this subject. But I’m hearing echoes of some songs again. Ever on replay.  Play it again, Uncle Sam:


His next concert date, also at the LA Coliseum, was the last of the long Born in the USA tour. I was just a kid but I was there.




Happy New Year.  Stay Thirsty My Friends





13 responses to “This Land is Your Land ?

  1. Great post, Cafe. It’s sad how much we’ve lost over the years and will continue to lose. Too little too late. So true. “It’s easy to let the best of yourself slip away.” So true.

    • Thks for cking in Cindy, especially considering your time constraints with your family matters. Hope 2011 is better than ’10 !

      Good to hear from you again, B/D! Mtns, like heads, need an occassional trim – however, not a butch. We’re the most important part of creation with the most power to do bad or good to it.

  2. “Paul Bunyan sympathizers” … I also like this description!! It seems some people, particularly of the male persuasion, have a need to rev up the old chainsaw and cut down the biggest tree they can find. I live in the Pacific North West, the land of “Christmas trees” … and big swatches of clear cuts all over the mountains. These clear cuts allow the earth to move around some and slide into salmon bearing creeks, and also get rid of those pesky wild things like birds and bears.

    This land isn’t really “our land”, and most of all not “my land”. It belongs to creation of which we are a small part.

    • PIO, I think that’s at the corner of Crescent Hts & Sunset Blvd, WHolywood. I used to work in WH & remember seeing a sub sw & McDonald’s there. So, it was worse than just a parking lot! There might still be a bank there that has a mini replica of the original “Paradise” in it.

      PA, just shows you that a nice song or inspirational political speech may help 1st & only the musician & the politician. Both potentiallly good money making careers.

    • SG, thanks but I just mixed together a brunch of thots & words asap so I could be done with this one. I always look back at my posts wishing I had deleted this, added that, or changed something instead.

      JS, well you’re too young to be familiar with every version!

  3. “Paul Bunyan sympathizers”….I love that!! I’m also afraid you’re right…..we’ve seen this scene before. I can add another title to your songlist – Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth.