Just putting this out there now to maybe save me from some unnecessary self-inflicted stress or waste of time.




Are any of you interested in drinking Wine? Or learning & drinking about it?

I might be enticed to organize a Wine event for Pasadena area bloggers, IF, there is interest. However, it probably won’t be a freebie; neither do I want it to be expensive!  Just another way to strength community, make our area a smaller world, and support the growing Wine industry of Pasadena.

I haven’t even decided which Pasadena Wine joint of which I’m acquainted would be drafted for the occasion. Like I said, I’m just in the drinking, uh, thinking phase of this. Nothing will come of it of course without enuf participation on your part.

This won’t happen until after March. But lemme know soon if it’s a “YES” from you or I’ll just forget it and l’ll drink alone. You know when I drink alone, I prefer to keep it all for myself.





Gotta Eat. Stay Thirsty My Friends!




17 responses to “WINE ??

  1. Heritage on Raymond is a great wine bar with a comfortable atmosphere. La Petite Vendome off Lake is great if you like French wine.

    • I don’t recall Heritage, Robb, but thanks!
      Thanks, MF.

      If I go ahead with this Wine gathering I will contact those who have left a comment here expressing a positive interest. Thanks.

  2. I like wine and it sounds like fun but my schedule these days is dictated by the two short people living in my house so I can be a little flaky 🙂

    • Good, Lori!
      Thanks, MD, but you’re in Italy or the UK!

      Gonna need a much bigger response than this. I’ll give it another day but doesn’t look like many in our area are into Wine.