A Pasadena Heritage & So. Pasadena Heritage

I was at the Pasadena Heritage House the other day. Then right after a lunch date with a So Pasa/Alta Dena friend in Pasadena at the NEW Euro Pane Bakery Cafe.

The Pasadena Heritage mission “is to identify, preserve and protect the historic, architectural, and cultural resources of the City of Pasadena through advocacy, education, and oral histories.”  It’s the 2nd largest preservation group in California.  I would add it’s an organization many, many more locals need to support.

Told her why I was late to lunch: “…at Pasadena Heritage…”  “Oh, that’s where we plan our bridge party!” she said.  I played naturally dumb: “What?? You all get together to play bridge & other card games??!” “No”, said she, “The Bridge Party!”  I said, “Oh you mean the Colorado St Bridge party! Why didn’t you say so in the first place, haha!!”

I proceeded to show her a few of snapshots of the old 19th century house, not that she needed to be reminded of how it looked.





This old house doesn’t look especially special from the outside. But inside it’s very nice & comfortable.  I could live there even though it’s on the other side of the never to be completed 710 FW… but Pasadena Heritage beat me to it.  It appears to be in good condition especially considering its age.  Maybe I’ll show some fotos of the interior one day. That’s for another story, in another year!  I was late to my lunch appointment.




Then the other night I met up with a long, long time, old time  South Pasadena citizen & friend at the SPToR Float tent. It was brisk but not as cOOOld as some years out there.




South Pasadena is home of the oldest float builders of a self-built float in the Rose Parade presented by the Tournament of Roses.  Only a handful of Rose floats remain which are built in this ancient self-built, self-funded method.  It’s a heritage that goes back to the last century.  I believe their children are born with it in their blood, or at least genes.  If you can believe that, then you should believe me when I tell you that the So Pasan’s still have an old time soda fountain in a DRUG store!   But, I digest – otherwise, in these modern, post-enlightenment times floats are now built by professional float building companies.













I’ve written serious essays here before pontificating on this subject. A couple of examples:




This is about the extent of my hard & difficult work with any of the ToRoses associations this year.  I’m as charitable as ever – just not very helpful.   Maybe you could lend a hand, or just sponsor a float, for the 2012 Rose Parade!



Gotta get some Peace & Quiet. Pasadena is getting Unrecognizable. Stay Thirsty My Friends