A Paseo Colorado Christmas

For some reason, I failed to notice the lit up Christmas Tree of the Paseo Colorado until this past weekend. Told my friends who either didn’t believe me or didn’t think the Paseo had a tree!

I’m glad I noticed, later is better than never…





Actually, most businesses in the Paseo have their own Christmas Trees and/or decorations but outside in the center plaza this tree is…


I shoot my worst pics at night, unfortunately. Actually, it’s my Camera which acts up when the sun goes down!  Live & Learn – I hope.








If you’re a tourist, or just a local Joe like most of us in these parts, visit the the Paseo. It’s much more appealing when you’re looking from within rather than just outside looking in. 



This latest Paseo Colorado experience, along with the new Euro Pane Bakery Cafe across the street, are gonna lure me in for more frequent visits!  Still, improved & easier parking would be a big shot in the arm to this area.


Paseo Colorado / 280 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena CA 91101



Gotta Go. Maybe to the Paseo?! Stay Thirsty & Warm My Friends




13 responses to “A Paseo Colorado Christmas

  1. I have to say, the underground parking and the parking lot just south of Green Street at Paseo is very convenient. And now that Macy’s validates, too (you don’ t even have to buy anything, you just stick the ticket under the machine and get the stamp), I’m finding parking easier and cheaper there. And yes, Euro Pane’s newest location does draw me back there. I just wish the regular old movie theater was back.

    • You have stylistic fashionable taste so I’ll believe you. Thks, Erika!

      BW, there’s a lot of stuff going on in your foto back then. It’s hard to make out the tree. Does it have a menorah on top of it. Is that it? And is that a “tractor” I see?!

  2. All this talk of Europane makes me want macaroons, darnit! I never get to visit the Paseo anymore…and I really used to like the Border Grill. I remember walking to the old mall when I worked on Green St., but these days it’s about getting home (45 min – l hr drive).

    • Are u taking about the St Monica Border Grill, Lori? You have an hour drive home???

      Barb, you can find the newest EuroPane on Colorado btween the Paseo & Citihall. If u see a German Shepherd there say “Hi!” Btw, just as Jones Coffee sells some EuroPane goodies, EP coffee is from Jones – my fav coffee in Pasadena.

  3. Now that Christmas crowds are past, I can face visiting Paseo again. But I MUST find this Euro Pane bakery. I had their ginger scone at Jones Coffee Roasters, and it was absolutely the best scone (maybe one of the best anything) I’d ever had. And then I read that their macaroons are more amazing still.