A Shell & All Saints Church Christmas








  Images of Christmas at All Saints Church, above & below.






This church is one of the more popular churches in our area. So they must be doing something right!  All Saints is a go to church if you prefer to hear a liberal bent in your theology, or just like being around a brunch of Episcopalians.  Now, I doubt ALL the saints attend this church. But on the relatively silent night this photographer was here I can tell you at least one saint was in attendance! 



Of course we have other churches in Pasadena: other denominations, and non-denominations, each with their own slightly quirky ways of looking at theology.  But the bottom line is the same: to make us better people for each other & more acceptable to God, to say the least. So if you want to hear God, maybe God is trying to speak your language. God is patient with us, His door always open. We not so much.




Nativity scenes aren’t seen around as much as wreaths, Christmas Trees & lights. Even at churches. But for those who are concerned the real reason for the season of Christmas has been lost in the lights, camera clicking, shopping for gifting, Santa Claus, charity, wining & dining, family gatherings, trees, – by products of Christmas – then you can still find a symbol of it:


Nativity at Shell Oil


You may have to visit a gas station like this Shell in Old Town Pasadena to see a symbol of the message of the first Christmas. God has rarely chosen the world’s most likeable messengers to share his message!  But it’s still out there. You may have to search in unusual places, search harder, or search a bit longer, but you will still find.



Gotta Get Going! For Once. Stay Thirsty for Truth My Friends





8 responses to “A Shell & All Saints Church Christmas

    • Hmmm…interesting observation, PA. Well, you are an artistic artist. A true creative individual, so I guess it’s logical you would see a creationistic feeling in this work.

    • Thanks, EoA. If only I were as good with letters as with numbers, or at least knew 10% of how to use my camera!

      Lori, actually I wasn’t really too happy with how my fotos of the church came out. The Open Door church shot is about the best one.

  1. Very pretty picture of the open doors of All Saints….I’ve always loved that church! When we moved to Pasadena from Santa Monica when my daughter was 3 yrs old, I enrolled her in their preschool, which she happily attended until she was ready for kindergarten.

    • Thanks, JS, for your enthusiastic response to this Christmas theme series. However, these are literally just a snapshot of the experience of being there.

      SC, I’m glad you liked it, however the more I look at it I think I could have said it better. But I’m not a good writer like you & many of our local bloggers.

  2. “God has rarely chosen the world’s most likeable messengers to share his message!” That’s a very funny response to that photo, and so true!