A Pasadena Christmas Eve at 2 N. Lake Ave


We Wish You an Office Christmas Eve… 




We Wish You an Office Christmas Eve!!…




We Wish Wish You an Office Christmas Eve!… 





I was pleasantly surprised at how well this office building did as an interior Christmas decorator. This is just a snapshot of what I witnessed.  What’s your opinion??

Now I have a final stop before I’ll be home for Christmas & St Nick arrives. Maybe ck out Trader Joe’s to see if anything looks good or hot. Then a traditional dinner, which I hope doesn’t mean she’ll be heating up leftovers.  smile_sniff


Gotta Go Eat & Rest. You Too! Stay Thirsty My Friends…




11 responses to “A Pasadena Christmas Eve at 2 N. Lake Ave

    • Thank you, Professor.
      There is a building next door to 2 N. Lake (on Colorado Bl) which could take some pointers from them on Christmassy decorating for next yr.

      ChiefKath, I’m hoping you will take some night time fotos of Mammoth bldgs/cabins while there is still snow. This yr the home lights were not as in abundance in Pasadena area (economy) as other yrs.

  1. Thanks for all the Christmas decorations Cafe!!! Interestingly, Mammoth does not get into a lot of decorations…a few homes had lights, the stores all have white lights which I suspect will be up all winter…it’s sparkly, but not specifically Christmassy!!! Not like the Southland which begins putting up decorations before Halloween!!!

    • Thanks, LAW. I appreciate your appreciation!

      Eating is a major highlight of a holiday JS. From New Yrs Day to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, et al!

      Season’s Greetings & Happy Eating to y’all!