Images of a Pasadena Christmas

690 E.Green St. P1130412a

690 E. Green Street Office Building

This building was locked. After hours. A kind woman thought I appeared trustworthy enuf, for a minute, to allow me inside to take a few shots. “Who are you? Where are you from again?”  I just said one word: “Pasadena.” Then I was gone.




Pita Pita

Pita! Pita! 927 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena CA (626)356-3099

I just came in looking for some food. This image found my eye. Lettuce work together, in a restaurant for example, and we’ll celebrate Christmas and all the happy days of our lives…with food! Together. Come together over work, to make a difference, then celebrate.


That’s all I have.  What did you get out of these images?



Gotta Go. Gotta Work. Stay Thirsty My Friends!




5 responses to “Images of a Pasadena Christmas

  1. I still miss those big garlands with lights that used to span Colorado Blvd. in my childhood–that was the big Christmas Eve event, to drive all the way from the (old) bridge down thru Pasadena, with those great lights overhead.

    • You know, when was the last year they hung up those old fashioned garlands of light?? That would be wunderful to see again!!

      Have a prosperous & fashionable New Year!