Christmas at Webster’s Fine Stationers in Altadena

Sucked up some courage (and rain) and headed north, across the border, into the north county. The land of a peculiar people – the Altadenakyte – Altadena.  Obviously I made it back down safe & sane to bring y’all a report of my adventure & finds!

Today I will just make special mention of one discovery especially for those of you still Christmas shopping as you sing along with the Christmas carols. 

This find is timely in this Christmas season where we recognize a gift given to humanity thousands of years in the past. A few of us have been taught how better it is to give than to just receive. Well, this place is a discovery of gifts for those on your Christmas Santa Claus list! Or any gift list such as for my birthday.




Yes this is the little treasure in that land to our north: Webster’s Fine Stationers!

If my diary of my explorations has only only entry it will be about WFS!. The 1st thing that caught my eye in this northern hike was the Christmas Tree on the roof. Could Santa Claus be up there?? Liked the thought!






The next thing to strike me as I entered their door was how warm & inviting the store is. The customer service is  helpful, friendly, and welcoming!  Lori Webster is part of the husband & wife team who own & operate this small business tradition which goes back to 1926! I can say much positive about Lori but it will pale in comparison to when you make your own visit to her boutique stationery store.  However, I will say this: she is genuine, conscientious, friendly, and should be a role model for other small business owners.


As I continued my exploration I noticed the unique, special, and quality products they carry. This is part of their business philosophy. Community awareness & support, quality, and service to the customer.

In Webster’s own words: WFS is a lifestyle boutique offering stylish and functional products for your home and office. Emphasis is placed on locally made, ecologically and socially responsible gifts, cards, books and kid’s toys and games

I Like the sound of them words.





As I thought! Santa indeed was inside Webster’s!  It seems St Nick uses WFS as a restocking source as he makes his Christmas rounds bearing special gifts!  Maybe you’ll be lucky and get a Webster’s gift from Santa.


My 1st impression of Webster’s Fine Stationer’s  Christmassy decorations was impressive! I plan to go back soon. Hopefully before Christmas! How about YOU?

Believe me when I say I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Webster’s has to offer, their long history, and what they represent to the Altadena community at large. For an example, you need to check out their display case of historical memorabilia. So here are a couple of links for much more information:


Webster’s Fine Stationers!

The Webster’s Blog


But the real finds will be when you step inside Webster’s yourself. You are likely to meet Lori or Scott Webster and you’ll see what I mean.


My blog post here has just been an introductory introduction to Webster’s, and to Altadena. Next, I hope to bring you the story of Altadena’s legendary reclusive goddess of intrigue, hiking prowess, canines, seriousness, and second chances -the Altadena Hiker


Webster’s Fine Stationers / 2450 N. Lake Ave.,  Altadena CA 91001 (626)797-1135




Gotta Run! Into the Driving Rain! Stay Thirsty My Friends





26 responses to “Christmas at Webster’s Fine Stationers in Altadena

  1. I think this is entirely to your credit, and now you’ll get all swell-headed about it, but KPCC announced today that macarons, specifically those made at Euro Pane, have surpassed cupcakes in popularity.

    The host of the show said something to effect of, “You mean that many people like coconut?” Which made me smile, because obviously your message hasn’t reached everyone.

    • KB, hahahoho! Well, obviously not everyone is French. Otherwise that’s swell news you bring. What KPCC program was that? I doubt it was Larry Mantle. Actually the decline of the cupcake is old news. Earlier this year KCRW’s Good Food program was on macarons & they mentioned EuroPane’s also. At the Eat My Blog fundraiser in W.Hollywood this year the EP mac’s sold out the 1st hour.

      Here’s a recent EP mention by food visitors from the east: Our Cooking Quest!

      SC, it’s a small, unpretentious shoppe that makes you feel at home. Think of me also if you see Lori Webster. 😉

    • I got you a Macaron, PA! But since they have a very short life outside of refrigeration this dog had to bite the macaron and eat it. Regrettably, /#$%&*#$+-@! Wait til next year!

      CLF: if you haven’t posted a pick of your store please do!

  2. Looks like a gorgeous store … we have something a bit like it in downtown Royal Oak, called Write Impressions. This looks gorgeous — and what a great place to Christmas shop. I’d surely enjoy!

  3. What a fabulous post, Cafe! I’m a big fan of WFS as you know, so I’m glad to see another one. Those of you who haven’t been there, stop by. Margaret is right, WFS is a pillar of Altadena.