Christmas at The Vroman’s in Pasadena

Well, it’s been a wet weekend in Pasadena, my little town, out there on the slippery edge.

My camera knows it too well via a lens gone wet & dirty from all this rain! I’ve issued a flash flood warning for all camera lenses in rain prone areas this week!!


My lens & photos have seen better days as you can see from my last visit to Vroman’s Bookstore on a rainy night:





Inside they seem to be going through the motions with their Christmas Tree & holiday decorations. Based on this night, I’ve seen better Christmases from them in the past.  And before last years tree controversy along Colorado Blvd I would have expected a real tree instead from this iconic Pasadena business.  Or, maybe it’s the economy. Small business & independent bookstores are always fighting another round to stay alive & well.





May all their future Christmases be merrier & with a good cheer.

Nevertheless, Vroman’s is a Pasadena place you check out when visiting our little town for the 1st time. Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, unpretentious. On this night one female employee was especially friendly to me. Nothing like caring, customer-oriented, customer service! My favorite bookstore.

Support your  local independent bookstore. Or ours if you don’t have one!


Vroman’s Bookstore’s

695 & 697 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena CA (626)449-5320

3729 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena CA (626)351-0828


That’s my view from the other night. What are you feeling from the above pics?



Gotta Get Outta Here! Stay Thirsty My Friends 





8 responses to “Christmas at The Vroman’s in Pasadena

  1. Vroman’s is one of my favorite Pasadena stores. But the tree is kinda skinny, and what’s that on top? It looks like a gold turban.

    It’s not raining at the moment. Get outside and take some photos. Hurry, you have about 10 minutes before the next downpour!

  2. I’ve always admired Vroman’s – it was definitely one of my haunts after moving to Pasadena in 1983.

    That said, however, I think that it’s when the economy is down (and people are down) that festive decor is most needed. I think that deep down, people appreciate the extra effort.

    • When people are down such as with the economy I hear they eat more sweets such as chocolate. In the case of Christmas it appears to me less homes are putting up their Christmas lights this year – saving their electricity $$ when work is hard & harder to get.

      No winds here, Erika. But I feel your rain too! But I know you won’t let it damp your style!