An Archstone & Sabor Christmas












Archstone Leasing Office




Archstone describes itself as “a recognized leader in apartment operations with a portfolio concentrated in many of the most desirable neighborhoods in the nation. Our communities reside in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Boston metropolitan areas, to name a few. Backed by industry-leading customer service guarantees, Archstone strives to provide great apartments and great service to our customers.”

Sounds like we, Pasadena, are being included as one “of those most desirable neighborhoods in the nation.”  As long as we don’t get too popular to become overpopulated!!  My General Plan defines growth to include less traffic, less police helicopters overhead, and no further increases in density, or stuffing of people, into a fixed cage space of our city limits. Cage free. Quality over Quantity!

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But, I digest. Archstone’s Christmas on display suggests welcoming mat to its visitors, i.e., primarily housing/apartment hunters!  They are ready to refresh you as soon as you walk in with coffee, tea, or…sweets! The young lady in the office was also sweet.  Unfortunately they are too welcoming to this dogs taste – cats are allowed!! No Comment.


Archstone Apartments

25 S. Oak Knoll Ave., Pasadena CA 91101



Besides the residential apartments above ground, The Archstone means business on its ground floor. I’m most familiar with the one I’ve mentioned before: Sabor y Cultura Cafe-Pasadena (Sabor2):




Sabor opened early 2009 and has outlived its two predecessor cafes in the Playhouse District by almost double! Back then I prophesized a better outcome for Sabor because the young owners had prior cafe experience including their Hollywood location. Well…I AM a prophet. I like their Cafe con Leche, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and cold croissant sandwich.

Sabor’s Christmas display tells me they wish their customers peace & joy. A brunch of colours & yet it all works out for me.


Sabor y Cultura 

716 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena CA 91101 (626) 793-0251



In olden daze we had a Burl & Ives Christmas. I hope you liked my 21st century version – Archstone & Sabor Christmas. Enuf of me. What is your 1st impression of these Christmas displays??


Gotta Go. Somehow Suddenly Hungry! Stay Thirsty My Friends




6 responses to “An Archstone & Sabor Christmas

    • At the moment I prefer it to a downpour of rain, Michael.

      Susan, I guess your “50’s” comment is mean to be a compliment to their interior designer! If you’re gonna come in for their freebies just be prepared to tell them you have a sparking credit report & are interested in their apts!

  1. Archstone room looks homey in a 50s style kind of way. I wouldn’t mind stepping in for a coffee and sweet treat. I like the Cafe too – colorful and festive.

    • Cozier, ChiefKath, than up in the snowy north pole where you live at now?? 😉

      You always notice the little details, Lori. Just like I noticed the nice things at your Websters FINE Stationery in Altadena!

  2. I think a Christmas tree makes a space look more homey, as in this case. It’s decorated simply as not to overpower the room, and it does add warmth. However, it’s partially blocking the little wet bar. I guess they don’t use it much…..