Christmas at The Montana Residence


Had a quick visit with the well-heeled Montana’s of Pasadena the other day. They were in the Christmas Spirit, if just a bit reserved, what with the 24/7 security around the building.

However, each person I’ve met on the security detail has been professional, courteous and friendly.





Upon seeing their display I could only think: surprised to see it. Reserved & elegant. Moneyed, material but ultimately respectful of the importance of the spiritual.


The Montana Residences is a still new luxury condo complex. Per their website:

The basic ambition of its Creator was to construct condos so much better than anything else in Pasadena that prospective owners who liked the project could not find anything else that was comparable.  It was named the "Montana" because it desired to become as highly regarded as NYC/Manhattan’s "Dakota."


Fine. However for most of us local Joe’s & Jose’s who just want a great cup of Joe, The Montana’s main claim to fame is the recent opening on its street level of the newest Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe.  In between Pasadena CitiHall to its north and Paseo Colorado on the south.


The Montana

345 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena CA 91101


What thoughts come to you from the Christmas display above?


Gotta Get Along Now. Security! Stay Thirsty My Friends




10 responses to “Christmas at The Montana Residence

  1. I’ve heard about the wonders of Europane and hope to have time someday to stop and enjoy. The wreath is simple and lovely, but as Ann notes above, the Montana’s use of the word “Creator” is a bit pretentious, don’t you think? And I firmly believe that you can use more decoration and still remain tasteful. The wreath looks lonely, too.

    • Thanks, Lori – I’m told good things come to those who make comments! You can take creator, like many words, in many different ways. That Gold Wall lends itself as a golden backdrop for various decoration.

    • ShSh, I could use those words along with unique to describe your wunderful artwork! See you next year!

      SC, the reason you didn’t notice the Montana was because it was right in front of you! So you’re with a good excuse. Btw, dog lovers make the best bloggers. 😉

  2. As I was reading this post, I was thinking “so where is this Montana joint?” Well, I’ve been to the new Euro Pane many, many times and never even noticed the building! The Montana website blurb sounds a bit highfalutin but I do like that wreath. Very tasteful.

  3. I agree with everything you said about the tasteful, reserved approach to the holiday decorations. This past year has been tough for so many. And that aside, I think Christmas commercialism has gotten way out of hand — regardless of economic conditions. I am not a major fan of Christmas, and I respect those who celebrate it quietly …

    • Cindy, I can only think the new year will be new & better for you! The common complaint is, “Christmas is too material, it’s lost it’s true meaning,” etc. And yet I think many of these same people wouldn’t really want to hear the true & spiritual meaning of Christmas.

      Jean, true & yes. At least we’re close by, right?! 🙂 Btw, it’s about time you did a Cafe themed painting again. 😉